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FlutterDash group guidelines

This is a group for stories involving Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash having romantic feelings for one another, or for stories about the two of them being especially close friends.

This is a safe for work (SFW) group. Please do not link to any external not-safe for work (NSFW) posts, links, or images. Mature stories located on FIMFiction are allowed in the group folders, and may be linked to in the forums so long as it is noted that they are NSFW.

Be polite! Kindness is a virtue. You don't want to make Fluttershy cry, do you?

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, insults, death threats, or see something you believe to be a violation of the group or site rules, please contact an admin. The current FlutterDash admins are:

Group folders

All stories focused on Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash in a romantic relationship with each other should be added to the Main folder, in addition to the appropriate group folders.

Stories which are exclusively pornographic in nature should be added to the Clopfic folder, and not to the main folder.

Friendshipping stories - stories about Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash being especially close friends - should be added to the Friendshipping folder, but not to the main FlutterDash folder. If a story is ambiguous as to whether there are romantic feelings between the pair, feel free to add it to both.

Stories which contain FlutterDash as a background pairing, but not as a major focus of the story, should be added to the Flutterdash as a Background Pairing folder, but not to the main folder.

Short story collections which contain FlutterDash stories along with other stories should be added to the Multi-Ship Projects folder. Only add the collection to the main folder if it is a major focus of the story collection.

We hope you enjoy your time here!

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I personally prefer Fluttercord and SunDash in my main universe, but I also would implement the Multiverse in my stories, making it really easy for my two favorite ships, which are TwiDash, and, of course, FlutterDash (which is the best ship!!!)

https://www.tumblr.com/shippingismagicbracket Here is another tournament we can get Best Couple to win. Round two has already started.

Hello Fellow FlutterDash enjoyers .Let's make our fav ship win in this silly tournament linked below!

First comment on this in 2022. And, GO FLUTTERDASH!!!

Comment posted by Princess Starflight deleted Nov 2nd, 2021

"Just Buck Already" was moved to the Friend-Shipping folder

Hey folks, I was wondering if we have a discord server or any similar purpose chatroom?

THere’s a DisLestia, not Flutterdash at all fic in the T folder :facehoof:

this is a perfect ship

uhh am I the only one seeing a non flutterdash fic in one of the folders?

p/s: whew its gone



sorry about the notification, i just wanted the story in the proper folder

A Forum post got deleted?

413014 not at ll, i just wanted to double check to be sure. thanks for the heads up though. :twilightsmile:


The folder is reserved for stories EXCLUSIVELY pornographic in nature. Meaning the entire story is a oneshot devoted to clop or it's heavily focused on clop throughout the story. There are some stories within the M for Mature Folder that have some explicit scenes in them, and it does say in the folder description that the storys may or will contain explicit sexual content. However, as stated before, Clopfics are EXCLUSIVELY based on sexual content and it's pretty easy to seperate full fledged Clopfics from Mature Stories that just have sexual scenes within them.

Ultimately I leave it up to the authors and their judgement (It is their stories after afterall) to group their stories accordingly (very rarely do I step in to move stuff around to where I feel it needs to go to be properaly catalogued) and if you feel your story is a clopfic then very well I shall move it. However, if your story is not a clopfic and there's just an explicit scene in there, but wasn't the focus of it and just happened to be apart of the storyline, then it CAN go in the M for Mature Folder. if you wanted As stated before, I leave it up to you.

Thank you.


I changed it. I think I changed it in time as well, it changes every Sunday but given my schedule and whenever I'm free it means it will change ON Sunday at some time and not exactly at like midnight. So anywhere on Sunday is when it will change...and if you you wake up Monday and it's still the same, then you're free to hound me and harass me till it does change lol.

Any chance of changing the featured weekly story? It's Sunday.

heads up, final chapter in my story does infact have intimate night time fun. may want to keep that in mind. i didn't see it in the clopfics, unless i read the categorizations wrong.

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