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Welcome to the RariDash group, where we celebrate the rarest of pairings between the bestest of ponies.

Feel free to hop on over to the forums and make some friends, and if you have any questions or concerns, PM any one of the admins, who are all really big RariDash fans, and will help you out however they can.

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Just had an idea for a story. Not one of my top 5's, but it's one of the better ships

I haven't really shipped them but I do like seeing them together for some reason

That's the main reason I put Rarity Investigates above average

I wonder if I could do a RariDash story where they bite each others' tails, which is something I've wanted to see in the show forever. It'll have to be a shipping one of course, but I haven't really done many romance-centered stories

412158 I know the fic you mean, but I think the author deleted everything.

Hello everyone! It be RainbowDasher21 here!:rainbowwild:

Sure, I may be a true FlutterDash shipper (and that will ALWAYS be my OTP), but I must admit, RariDash is rather cute in its own ways too. That being said, I do ship RariDash. Just not as much as FlutterDash.

I'm even planning a mini-series of RariDash stories, which will be composed of two stories with one-three chapters!:twilightsmile:

I am looking for a raridash story, It involves rarity pretending to be nightmare rarity.

407632 Grumpy Dashie is cute Dashie :rainbowkiss: sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

Alright, alright. I cave. This ship is fantastic, and I repent for not believing that for far too long.

It's so unlikely but it's so damn cute!

Hey look what I found. A group celebrating my new favourite shipping. :rainbowwild: :duck: SWEET!

929chan.us/kusaba/mlp/src/138842007972.gif rainbow: :rainbowderp:where did you get that!?*blushing*
Me: hahahaha!!!*rolling on the ground* wait till Rarity sees this!!*laughing*

387840 *sails up in pirate ship. cannons aimed*. any last words my friend

388237 :pinkiegasp:
Did you just insult LOGIC?
I'm sorry, but you will now have to be terminated. Please hold still so I can make your death quick and painless.

387840 i watched that too, and i was RIPPED! i was like, "screw you and your logic, with Discord, anything can happen" lol

Go on, click that link to my profile, and post about how ANGRY you are. You know you want to!... :pinkiecrazy:

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