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The Homesteading by bookplayer

For their first home together, Twilight and Applejack wanted a house close to Applejack's farm and big enough for Twilight's books, with a little something special besides. They settled on the perfect place, one of the oldest barns on Sweet Apple Acres, and had it converted into a comfortable house for their little family. But when strange things start happening just after they move in, Twilight finds that she has a mystery to solve before she can really call her dream house "home."

Runner-Up of our First Contest

After coming to live in Ponyville and discovering the joy of having friends, Twilight found a new appreciation for Hearth's Warming and its story about companionship keeping the cold at bay. It would come as a surprise to her to learn that anypony could think she's forgotten the spirit of Hearth's Warming, but the new Princess of Friendship has a habit of sometimes missing details, even when they're right under her snout.

On Hearth's Warming Eve, Twilight is visited by three ghosts who take her on a journey across time to show her what she's almost missed.

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I've put together all possible shipping moments of these two! Check it out if any of you would like!

Hello! Sorry for the self promotion, but I drew some TwiJack on my DA. Thought you guys might like to see them.

A TwiJack Proposal
And a TwiJack next gen!

I ship just about anyone in FIM that is Female.
Males and Pinkie Pie can just rut themselves.

395688 Hahaha I totally ship rarijack too, but I honestly love Twijack more. :ajsmug: :twilightsmile:
there is just something super cute about the farm mare and the book worm pairing that sets by
heart a flutter and gives me the warm feelings in the pit of my stomach. :twilightblush:

Who came in here and disliked a whole page of comments in a row:twilightangry2:?


TwiJack deserves moar lurve.:twilightblush:+:ajsmug:

YES! :twilightsmile::heart::ajsmug: More love for Twijack! (I also like Raridash and I noticed a lot of Twijack shippers also ship RariDash in this group :rainbowdetermined2::heart::raritywink:)

It's awesome to finally see a group for TwiJack for me. :pinkie smile: As my sister 358309 had said in her comment, TwiJack is one of the only Yuri couples I seem to ship along with RariDash :yay:

Wow I cannot express how much I love this couple. They have so much in common and fit so well together. The only other Twi ship I like and love is TwiDash. And while I like TwiDash a little more, this is still a great couple. Oh and also AppleDashLight.

Comment posted by Knight Toland of Astora deleted Aug 11th, 2014

Okay, first of all, hello, nice to meet everyone.
Secondly, can any of you help me with finding a certain story?
I read it on EQD a VERY long time ago, and I can't remember the title or anything specific about it to help narrow down the search.
Basically, it's a TwiJack fic (which probably goes without saying) in which Twilight and Applejack spend Halloween together, (this was written before season two, so it is referred to as Halloween, since Nightmare Night wasn't a thing yet.) Applejack turns out to be cripplingly afraid of the supernatural, and Twilight ends up comforting her, and they connect, and it's all kinds of cute and sweet and all that jazz. Also, Pinkie Pie dresses up as a duck, and Fluttershy goes out with Big Mac.
This ring any bells for any of you?

I love this ship :D :applejackconfused: :heart: :facehoof:

you know, Twijack is a relatively small ship which is actually a shame. After reading a few of the Twijack fics here I can see quite a bit of potential for this ship. I personally find it a surprisingly interesting ship and hope there is more Twijack art work and fics in the future! :pinkiehappy:

TwiJack is one of the only Yuri shippings I'm good with next to RariDash :D :pinkiehappy:

Yes! A TwiJack group! JOINED!!! TwiJack is the best pair I known so far. (nope, no other pair will be good enough fo me!) :ajsmug::heart::twilightsmile:

I've made 2pmv's so far (Dashie Jet and Pinkie Ragin Cajun) and in going through all the footage of all the episodes I could make a seriously strong case for the show writers creating a Twijack ship. (and a Flutterdash ship as well)
Ever since Applejack Anonymous I've loved this ship. Both characters are deeper and more mature than any of the others.
Tomorrow Never Knows is my first fic. It's over 30k words and almost at the half way point.
Of course it's aTwijack ship (Damn tablet can't see the emoticons!)

Holy crap! People do ship Twijack! And there's a good number of (relatively) innocent fics! *joins*
I hate to admit it but Twijack seems like a small ship. Only 31 items on tumblr and 25 photos on Instagram (and most of them are ship eliminations). Oh well.

I'm no writer but i was wanting to know if anyone knows of a TwiJack story that may have a bit of what yodajax10 did in A Lesson Discovered?
I just thought that it would make a good subject in a TwiJack Story.

maybe this group doesnt have as many as other shippings....but I dont care
TwiJack is awesome, I never gonna let anybody make me feel the contrarie


330288 I FEAR NO JAKE!

Well except Jake from Animorphs. He can be a tiger.

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