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Hello. I'm not the most interesting dude but when I am it's ADHD.


My name isn't just a random jumble of letters. It's a jumble of already-words with meaning. I'll help you out: y b nrmal at all. See? I like computers, Linux, reading, coffee, loud music, old records and I'm a stickler when it comes to headphones and keyboards. I'm an avid adblock supporter (using uBlock at the moment) so sue me. I believe in torrenting things before you buy them and doing whatever you can to get wherever you want to be in any situation. I'm an Anarchist and an Atheist, so your problems are not mine, the fence is there for a reason. I also hate even the smallest space between paragraphs in stories I read. Moon Reader has saved me so much trouble. I use the fanficfare plugin for calibre in 90% of the stories I read online. They also have a web-based service. Much better than downloading per-chapter here and it has a very nice looking universal layout that matches the other stories you download. Even through my whole bitter, jaded and lame self, I am a hopeless romantic. I may be an introverted hermit but I very much love a good romance story.

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