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Welcome to the Appleshy group! Your one-stop shop for all things Appleshy! Except I guess it isn't a shop. We don't charge. So I guess it's your That doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well. Oh well, we'll work on it!

Do you like yellowpone? Do you like orangepone? AIn't they just the cutest together? Of course they are! I mean look at that banner up there!

Feel free to add any stories involving this adorable couple! I'm looking to restructure the folders soon, but for now, just add new stories to the Main folder.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of the First Appleshy Contest:

"Homeward Bound" by Karrakaz!

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This has evolved into my third favorite ship cuz its just too stinkin' adorable:raritydespair:

My 2nd favorite Fluttershy ship. After her and Twilight.

Where has this ship been all my life?!?! I have missed so much! :raritydespair:

Such an underrated ship. My OTP that I love so much . :yay: :heart: :ajsmug:

Everyone! Why you no write AppleShy?!

Could anyone here write a story about Applejack catching a really bad sneezy cold? I'd like some care-taking by any pony. :ajsmug:

Thanks!! :twilightsmile:

I always liked the name Flutterjack better, but that's a preference, I guess.
This is a really underrated pairing though, and probably my favorite.

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