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I write poni. I am easily distracted. I like Oreos.

Here are things I wrote most recently!


So uh...wow. · 5:31am June 7th

I know that by posting this, I’ll likely make this change somehow, but I took a screenshot for posterity, just to save the moment.

I decided to look at my stats for My Sediments Exactly, which I already knew was my highest-rated story. And uh...

Yeah. I’m a little floored.

If this is legit, that is super-awesome and I’m humbled by how many people enjoyed the story. I do take it with a grain of salt, though, as I understand that there was some problem with story ratings from the site’s update. But it still makes me quite happy to see!

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Here's stuff I wrote that got featured!

  • Dragon Your Hooves A lab mishap turns Spike into a pony. by Twinkletail 23,197 words · 14,081 views · 1,134 likes · 28 dislikes
  • Sparkle Kitten A spell of Twilight's affects Rarity in a way that neither of them expected. by Twinkletail 8,611 words · 8,956 views · 754 likes · 28 dislikes
  • Out Of Her Shadow Rarity is invited to Manehattan for a special showing of the latest show Coco Pommel has helped with. by Twinkletail 3,260 words · 5,157 views · 692 likes · 19 dislikes
  • My Sediments Exactly Maud Pie loses Boulder at the apple farm. Big Mac helps find him. by Twinkletail 2,902 words · 17,009 views · 2,067 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Small Scale A female dragon mistakes Spike for an abandoned hatchling. by Twinkletail 30,865 words · 14,892 views · 1,886 likes · 53 dislikes

And here are my personal favorites out of my own works!

Here are things I didn't write, but I really liked!

  • Mood Wings The body language of wings. by Tchernobog 9,503 words · 46,047 views · 3,827 likes · 60 dislikes
  • The Eulogy of Mr. Acorn, by the Coward Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is officially bored out of her skull. Bored enough, even, to attend a squirrel's funeral. She's never been fond of the late Mr. Acorn, but with Fluttershy in tears, and nothing better to do... well, what are friends for? by Obselescence 6,280 words · 3,930 views · 326 likes · 29 dislikes
  • A Ballad of Eeyup and Nope Big Macintosh has a day off, but he can't say his most notable two words by ambion 33,219 words · 9,517 views · 1,001 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry Applejack has brushed her mane, put a ribbon on her hat, and there's a sway in her step. Most ponies want to know who the special pony is, but Rainbow Dash has a more important question: Will AJ ever play horseshoes with her again? by bookplayer 7,402 words · 8,540 views · 731 likes · 29 dislikes
  • Closing Time After being cheated into selling her tomatoes at a lower price by a certain pink pony, Roma's afternoon does nothing but go downhill. by MalWinters 4,719 words · 835 views · 97 likes · 2 dislikes

Here are MORE things I didn't write, but I really liked!

  • Almost Beautiful Rarity has always believed that there exists a prince for every princess. And she's not wrong about that. She's just not right for quite the exact reasons she thinks she is. by Donnys Boy 5,663 words · 8,930 views · 910 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Sun Princess In the final days of her life, an exceptionally faithful student muses on the subject of her perfect and immortal mentor Applejack. by Skywriter 1,709 words · 22,209 views · 2,932 likes · 42 dislikes
  • Love Is In The Air Twilight Sparkle transforms into a cloud to seduce Rainbow Dash by Blueshift 2,769 words · 25,563 views · 1,098 likes · 61 dislikes
  • Feeling Pinkie Mean Sombra has met his match, literally. by RainbowBob 33,575 words · 15,346 views · 1,915 likes · 42 dislikes
  • Who wants to live forever? Twilight learns some terrible news about her new lifespan. Her friends aren't as upset as she thought they'd be. by Ri2 4,628 words · 14,656 views · 978 likes · 108 dislikes


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2440655 Fair enough.
I assume that backlog is large enough at the moment that you aren't really taking story suggestions either.

I unfortunately can't commit to something like that at the moment. I have such a big backlog of things I should be writing, and my creative juices haven't been flowing as freely as they used to.

Do you take story requests?

I appreciate the offer (and I actually think you may have asked me before) but I'm not too good with collaborations. I have lots of trouble actually getting my own writing done as it is sometimes :raritywink:

Are you interested in doing a collaboration?

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