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Esle Ynopemos

Was that me? Or was it... somepony else?

Who the pony is this?

Was that me? Or was it Somepony Else?

From the state that brought you the headwaters of the Missouri River and the majority of the good parts of Yellowstone Park, comes Esle, the writer who wrote that one story that you sorta liked, you know, the one about time-traveling pranks.

I write pony stories, as you can probably see. I try not to nail myself down to any single genre; I'd like to give every tag on the site a chance before I absolutely declare myself a comedy/shipping/darkfic writer and nothing else. Although I do have a reflexive urge to bend anything I write a little bit toward comedy. I'm trying to fight that down when it isn't appropriate.

On the reading side of things, I tend to go for shipfics mostly. Other types of story will occasionally draw my attention, but you'll usually find me browsing the Shipping group's folders (or the Clopfic group*s folders, when the mood strikes me). I especially like rare Mane 6 ships like Apple Pie and Twi Shy. I got nothing against popular ships like Flutter Dash, but there's so much more unexplored potential in the more obscure ships.

One interesting thing to point out is that I am actually hippophobic--I have an irrational and disproportionate fear of horses. I will admit that this is a strange quirk for a MLP fan to have. It is also a bit of a challenge considering my in-laws live on a ranch with horses.

On a side note, I draw all of my cover images myself, including my profile pic. Feel free to send me a PM if you would like me to draw something for you. The worst I could do is say "no."

...Okay, the worst I could do is say "yes," and then never finish it. But I promise I will try not to do that.

You know you want a slice of Apple Pie. Everypony likes Apple Pie!

Hot, fresh pony


How suck/not-suck is this cover art? · 1:39am Apr 20th, 2015

Hey folks. Next story is coming along, despite the kinks Season 5 is throwing in its path (Seriously, Babs Seed got her cutie mark? Off screen? For hairdressing? There's no way I could've planned for that). Chapter 1 is close, and I'll post it once I have Chapter 2 ready for editing so there hopefully won't be too long a break between updates.

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No, just a way of saying this is incredibly inactive, lol

Wdym R.I.P.?Did they die??

2339076 Hm. Hm hm hm. Well, I'm very glad you're around in some capacity, at the very least, and I can only reiterate that your words brought me great joy, as did hearing from you! You did words good, and wordsing good isn't a skill that just up and disappears. If you're not motivated to write, however, that's of course 100% fair, as is being Out(tm) of pony. No shame in that!

Should toss me a PM or a mail if you feel like having a chat, tho! Please stay safe and take care of yourself no matter what you feel like doing.

2338432 I've fallen way off the pony train. I think there's been, like, another season or two since I last did anything. I was gonna post something about my reasons why and saying goodbye to folks, but I never got around to it and at this point it's been more than a year since I was active, so why even bother? Pretty sure my readers know I'm done.

I still lurk now and then to see comments and re-read old stuff, remind myself I could write, once.

It's good to hear from you; I always liked hearing your thoughts on stuff.

So, in sniffing about, re-reading old fics I loved before I move on to "new stuff" (following a hiatus) one lands here. I look forward to reading yours again. If you're actively writing still, keep it up! If you're really just reading (or even just hanging around out of habit), thank you for good times with the fics of yours I read.

1983860 accurate. Occasional mewling is involved. The court adjourns through caterwauling obviously

1983850 Poor Luna. Hopefully she's not too Nightmare-Cat to get her there.

My understanding of law is that it mostly consists of yowling back and forth between cats.

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