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So, I have no idea what to write in this. No one ever reads these, meaning there is little to no point in writing them. Eh, I trend to write a lot of Spike ships from harems to just one off stories.


Why I hate A Follow For A Follow · 2:33am Mar 10th, 2016

I know I just have a blog today but listen up well read up because I wanted to get this off my chest.

So from what I have seen some people on this site when a person follows them the author they follow would sometimes get a follow back. This is call A Follow For A Follow. Now I hate this so much.

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I'm like a god, except I descend from the upstairs attic rather than heaven. So you can pray in silence, but if you're too loud, I'm gonna stomp on the floor and tell you to shut the f:yay:k up

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Tales of Love Three News: · 5:41pm January 19th

Should Moondancer And Trixie be Tales of Love Three:

I been thinking of it for a little bit, when I was writing down the plot for the giant harem final chapter ‘Tales of Love Three’ I saw that I had Moondancer and Trixie’s name down in my planning book and yes I do have a planning book. Now, I’m going to show the title, plot and the ship will be Two Parts.

Name: Battle For Spike’s Love:

Two Parts:

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Thank you for your comment, I also took third grade English. I know how to use the 'You's' I just mess up words easily. It something that would happen with smaller words than larger ones.

Dude, you really need to know the difference between your and you're. Your is property wise and you're is state of being.

Examples: You're fine.

Your book is damaged.


I share the same thoughts, its a good game. I like Pirate's Curse more. But the DLC for Half Genie Hero is coming out next month or August. Risky's Mode. I like looking at game play before buying something if I'm not sure, Half Genie isn't too hard and plus there so many ways to make the game easier.

Oooo, do tell me - is Shantae Half Genie Hero good?

I bought it on PS4 with some of my birthday money (it was the 19th, so yesterday), because I thought that the trailer for it made it look quite interesting. Plus, seeing as I played The Pirate's Curse on the late Wii U, I figured I'd probably like this too. But anyway, I still want to know if it's worth the hype, or it's a disappointment.

Yeah, I'm back... Well the story is I got bored with My Nintendo Switch so I starting writing The Project and Please, Mister Postman. Then I got more ideas, like the Seven Days Re-Write and Tales of Love 2. Then Shantae Half Genie came out on the Switch.

I completed that game, 100% then I went for a walk and slip and hurt my foot so I can't leave my house for awhile. So yeah I'm around for awhile. Yay. :yay: Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle: Dream Team I got too many stories.

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