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Mister Phoenix

If you want to be friends with me on Nintendo Switch, because I have one of those. My Friend Code is; SW-4733-5829-2976 I hope to see you all there, maybe I hope :unsuresweetie:


Why I hate A Follow For A Follow · 2:33am Mar 10th, 2016

I know I just have a blog today but listen up well read up because I wanted to get this off my chest.

So from what I have seen some people on this site when a person follows them the author they follow would sometimes get a follow back. This is call A Follow For A Follow. Now I hate this so much.

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I'm like a god, except I descend from the upstairs attic rather than heaven. So you can pray in silence, but if you're too loud, I'm gonna stomp on the floor and tell you to shut the f:yay:k up

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Does A Favourite Mean Anything? · 8:13pm March 21st

If you favourite a story, but don't leave an like then what's the point on putting it on your favourite list? Normal readers and writers do this which I don't understand, if you're a writer I want you to look at your most popular story and think on what wluld've happen to that story if tons of people favourite it but there wasn't a single like anywhere. All the dislikes are there but no like.

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For Nintedo Switch, not much. You get to see the games I play, and I can with yours and if we both are online, we can play Splatoon 2 or other online games together. That's it, not much, but it's there if you want to become my friend.

What do Friend Codes do?

Hey, thanks for the interest! Don't forget to rate and tell me what you thought.

Same here. I'm not the best artist in the world, my skill is mainly writing.

Oh, what? No, I can't drawn for crap. I just type up in google image for Derpy with a muffin.

  • Viewing 135 - 139 of 139
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