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That guy wot does the kissy horses, usually of the pink variety.

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Chapter removal and rewrite. · 10:59pm Dec 12th, 2018

For those of you who have been following Brown Note, you know why it’s been removed. Clearly I missed the mark when I wrote this chapter, and it needs to be remedied.

I have the comments that were left on the chapter stored in a file to reference ways to help work out some of the kinks, but if you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave them here. I’m not someone who writes for themselves, I write for my audience, and it’s clear that it didn’t sit well with many of you.

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Under appreciated stories.

All-time favorite fics.

What is a Name?
This story takes a different, unusual look at the "Pinkamena Diane Pie" aspect of the pink whirlwind we all know and love. Featured on EQD and loved by many, if you haven't read it and don't mind a sad fic, give it a go!

Twice as Bright
PinkieXCelestia shipfic.
Yes, you read that right. After reading this story I not only believe that it's plausible, I also believe that It's the only mane six/Celestia pairing that could work.

Keep a look out for more fics to be added here!

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Bright night God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

I said the same thing at one point...
Worst case scenario, you never do, but IF you do, I'll be there.

In writing? Thanks but if you've noticed I haven't written in two years and I'm not likely to. :twilightsheepish: Sorry about that.

Honestly, it's because you have potential. I want to see what you do next and if you improve. If you want further details, hit me up and I'll explain more fully.

Thanks for the watch! What was it for? :pinkiehappy:

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