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Editor of several Trixie writers while doing his own stories when possible. Fun Times. : )


Stupid Thought. · 4:29am November 20th

Cozy Glow was sending letters to Tartarus...how did anyone not notice that!? How did no pony read over the letter before hand to make sure it was okay for some twelve year old to be sending letters to Tirek in the first place? How did she get the address to Tartarus!? Why does it even have a address you can look up!? :twilightangry2:

MLP has many oddities...and pretty much everything around Cozy Glow will never make sense to me no matter how many times I look it over. :twilightblush:

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Who the heck is this??

I've been editing stories on here for quite awhile, now taking a crack at writing and thankfully I am getting some good responses to it. I read quite a bit, but about 90% of it is Romance. For me, Trixie is best pony, but Fluttershy and Pinkie are close seconds. I get twitchy when a story has bad grammar as I've been reading since I could walk.

I tend to comment alot on stories and I seem to have a good/bad habit of bringing up various discussions/arguments in the comments sections about them. I find the discussions fun, so hopefully no one takes offense to them.

I've edited for quite a few people. most of it has been fics involving Trixie as I know the character pretty well and that interest has brought me into contact with several writers on here.

Working as a Veterinary Tech on a military base now and having fun with that. The slowness at times helps me keep up with my reading.

Editing Profile

Main Trixie Writers I edit/help out currently.

Others I have done editing and story discussion for:
Quick Wit - Little Pip

If you are a Trixie writer and need some help or editing, message me, as I like to think of stories involving her as my specialty, I just don't have time to be a full time editor often these days, but I do get lulls in activity sometimes.

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You're making your way through with good speed. Greatest fear was a fun one to write. Glad to see it get on two of your shelves.

Oh come on, you're being way too kind. Comparing one of my stories to flapjacks is down right flattering. After all, the reason I did a flashback style for that was because Rainbow Dash is an easy character for me to write for.
And I do like adding little details like the bit with Fluttershy, it's the extent of my world building.
Also, I'm not that serious of a writer. I don't promote myself at all, so I don't get a lot of attention. It's fine for me, I actually like that I mostly get attention from those that really appreciate the stories.
Thanks again. Btw, you're getting a follow since this site doesn't have friending.

Gonna be checking out a few others soon with Flutters and Dash, Prom Protectors I think is next. Your story reminded me alot of one called Flapjacks that was equally amusing, but not as long as yours.

When I went to Bronycon and listened to the panels on writers, they would say to use flashbacks sparingly as you are trying your audience's patience with them, I suppose it doesn't count if 90% of it is a flashback like this one was, and I enjoyed the entire ride. :pinkiehappy:

Fluttershy organizing everything was a amusing reveal at the end. I am a bit surprised at your low like counts on some of these.

Thanks for checking out when did this happen as well. That one was a lot of fun to write.

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