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Because I'm totally a narcissist.

This group is dedicated to me and my reading habits. I'm experimenting with organization. You should be interested in my reading habits and organization because I'm that awesome.

If you're an author and:
* you notice that your story is in my "incomplete" folder
* you finished it recently (or some time ago)
* you feel like shooting me a message that your story is complete

I would not only welcome that message, but I'd also quite possibly make it a priority to go ahead and read your now complete story. If you want some critique or a review, I'll probably do so out of gratitude too. Feel free to ask.

You can also join and toss whatever you like into my "recommendations" folder. I'll read it semi-promptly. If you want a comment after I've done so, feel free to ask. I also tend to comment on stuff in that folder even without being asked.

P.S. I recommend unchecking the "Notify me when a story is added" option. I tend to accumulate several stories to update at once, so the notifications can be spammy at times.

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Updated The Ties That Bind

. Hope everyone enjoys it! As always, comments and critiques --positive and negative-- are always appreciated!


Just noticed Return: Tales of the Lost was added here... swell! :heart:


Darling! <3

Hello! I was just passing by and thought "Well, this looks like a pleasant-enough group", so I decided to add my two bits. For your consideration, my current project, Starring Trixie, an MLP/Star Trek cross that I've been working on for just over two years. I appreciate any feedback, whether it's in the form of helpful feedback or a creative lambasting (with some constructive criticism thrown in just for fun).

Sorry, I added my story "Those Six Words" to the wrong folder. I've since added it to the correct one, but sorry for any and all confusion.

I'm really bad with adding stories to things on this site.

Hey dood! thanks for adding my story! will do my best to complete it! would appreciate if you give me your thoughts on it so far!

And here's a gift for you


Thanks for adding my story

Thank you for adding my story Shine Again to your group!

Cryosite, thanks for adding my story! I'm glad you liked my first crack at this! :twilightsheepish:

Wait... someone read my story... then willingly put it into their own group..

bless you kind person:fluttercry:


354303 Whoa dude warn me, your post was so damn edgy i almost cut myself on it!

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I'm here. do i get a cookie?

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