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Just a pony being fabulous


Who wants to write a story about Diamond Dancer? · 7:14am Sunday

I'll throw money at you. :3

........or at least point me to someone who wants a commission ...@_@

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Workin' It

One day....One day darlings...

1: Write a story with over 10 likes.
2: Write a story with over 100 likes.
3: Write a story with over 1000 likes.
4: Write a story with over 10,000 likes.
5: Write more porn
6: Collab with Neon Lights on a story about Him and Mixtape
7: Write a popular story about Diamond Dancer with more than 10 likes
8: Write a popular story about Diamond Dancer with more than 100 likes
9: Write a popular story about Diamond Dancer with more than 10000 likes
10: Write a story and edit it to perfection yourself.
11: Realize you actually might be a decent writer and actually start a book.
12: Realize you actually need more confidence to get that to happen.
13: Write something to get favorite authors to watch me (Or at least notice me) in hopes of a confidence booster:
The Parasprite
Butterscotche Sundae
14: Learn valuable lesson within 30 minutes (22 with commercial breaks) about trusting myself, and not requiring the approval of others for confidence.
15: Write 10 stories
16: Write 100 stories
17: Write 1000 stories
18: Clear my Queue of stories I've started and never finished.
19: Pay more attention to writing style. Less misplaced punctuation.

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Thank you for the follow.

I just realized that you are following me.

I have no idea why, but thank you!

Haven't heard from you in over a week. I hope it's because you're doing so well and having such a good time that you just don't have time to post. Still, I do miss your blogs.

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