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Just a pony being fabulous. Writer of vignettes, clop, experiments, a great deal of trash and the occasional gem


The Rarity Report · 6:07am 12 hours ago

I'm still here. I seem to start a lot of my journals this way. Hello, darlings. Tis I, Rarity with some personal bits of blog here that I'm writing for my own benefit. No drama, no negativity, just...you know....me.

I suppose I'm still here, limping along, trying to figure out a way to jump back onto the writing wagon. I haven't produced anything in months and I feel stagnated. I discovered something I wrote several years ago. A little piece of nothing that didn't go anywhere, but...

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Workin' It

One day....One day darlings...

1: Write a story with over 10 likes.
2: Write a story with over 100 likes.
3: Write a story with over 1000 likes.
4: Write more porn
5: Collab with Neon Lights on a story about Him and Mixtape
6: Write a popular story about Diamond Dancer with more than 10 likes
7: Write a popular story about Diamond Dancer with more than 100 likes
8: Write a story and edit it to perfection yourself.
10: Realize you actually might be a decent writer and actually start a book.
11: Realize you actually need more confidence to get that to happen.
12: Write something to get favorite authors to watch me (Or at least notice me) in hopes of a confidence booster
13: Learn valuable lesson within 30 minutes (22 with commercial breaks) about trusting myself, and not requiring the approval of others for confidence.
14: Write 10 stories
15: Write 100 stories
16: Clear my Queue of stories I've started and never finished.
17: Pay more attention to writing style. Less misplaced punctuation.
18: Make more friends.

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Will it's a facesitting story idea

I have a fic idea if you want to hear it?

So, I've a story based on Rarity -who you may know, *wink*- and was wondering if you could look it over. It's on my stories, and it's kinda fun; but I know if I had you to promote it with your style and fabulosity it'd get a lot more views and to have you read it would just be the best... thing... ever to happen to a Rarity story of mine.

Thatta girl.

A sophisticated pony drinks tea darling!

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