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spooky chills · 3:37pm Yesterday

It's cold today. It feels like a cold day. It's the sort of day where you look outside and It might seem sunny and warm, but somehow you just know it's going to be cold.

Couldn't sleep last night. Natch. Me nor Lyra could sleep. I heard her up late, scratching at her keyboard and chugging down ramen. I do wish she could though. I wish I could, too, for that matter.

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Workin' It

One day....One day darlings...

1: Write a story with over 10 likes.
2: Write a story with over 100 likes.
3: Write a story with over 1000 likes.
4: Write a story with over 10,000 likes.
5: Write more porn
6: Collab with Neon Lights on a story about Him and Mixtape
7: Write a popular story about Diamond Dancer with more than 10 likes
8: Write a popular story about Diamond Dancer with more than 100 likes
9: Write a popular story about Diamond Dancer with more than 10000 likes
10: Write a story and edit it to perfection yourself.
11: Realize you actually might be a decent writer and actually start a book.
12: Realize you actually need more confidence to get that to happen.
13: Write something to get favorite authors to watch me (Or at least notice me) in hopes of a confidence booster:
The Parasprite
Butterscotche Sundae
14: Learn valuable lesson within 30 minutes (22 with commercial breaks) about trusting myself, and not requiring the approval of others for confidence.
15: Write 10 stories
16: Write 100 stories
17: Write 1000 stories
18: Clear my Queue of stories I've started and never finished.
19: Pay more attention to writing style. Less misplaced punctuation.

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I've always been a bit of a creeper on the site, but I want to change that and try and write some things.

I've been a fan of your blogs and characters, most true for little DD.

I'm working a small series called ; Equestria Black And White.

Was wondering if it might be ok to use Diamond Dancer as a main character, I have a small bit written as my first story. It would be quite dark and slight noir. I think she would fit right in.

Let me know if you are interested.

Stay fabulous.:yay:

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Comment posted by LunaFan183 deleted Dec 17th, 2017

Thank you for the follow.

I just realized that you are following me.

I have no idea why, but thank you!

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