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I'm a lazy writer who loves what I do, but is too lazy to write half the time. If you have an idea for a story, shoot it at me though. I just might take it♥

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Hi--can you remind me how you became co-admin of The Orient Express Explorers? ...cuz I don't remember who you are. Did you used to call yourself Golden Delicious?

Status update or i bop your nose :D

Thanks for the fav

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What I'm Writing or have Written

The Gift- Twinkie Pie. Incomplete.
The Hope- AppleDash. Incomplete. Sequel.
The Date- Rarishy. Unwritten. Threequel.
No More Derpy?- Derpy has the chance to lose her derpiness. Hiatus.
Second Cello- OctaScratch. Hiatus.
The Droubles of Rarijack- Rarijack. Complete.
Growing Wings- Alicorn Twilight. Incomplete.
The Day Princess Luna Challenged Princess Celestia to an Arm Wrestling Contest- Title is self-explanatory. Complete.
Sweetie Belle and the Storm- Family love. Complete.
One Summer at Band Camp...- Sad, Twist at band camp. Complete.
Ma and Pa- Applejack's parents are dead. Incomplete.
My Little Pony: Marriage is Magic- Short collections of weddings. Being Rewritten.
Twilight Sparkle Gets Pregnant- Title is self-explanatory. Incomplete.
Father's Day- Dinky and Doctor Whooves family love. Complete.
Dinky's Surgery- Dinky gets eye surgery. Complete.
Twilight Describes Some Coffee- Title is self-explanatory. Semi-hiatus.
Thirty Minute Pony Stories- Title is self-explanatory. Half-written.
Blaze Ninjas adventures in equestria- Trollfic. Being written/hiatus.
Flying Apples- SoarBurn. Being rewritten/hiatus.
One Sentence Story- Title is self-explanatory. Incomplete/hiatus.
The Secret of Alicorn- Alicorn, not alicorns. Being written/hiatus-ish.
The All-Species Tournament- Mega Man-style stuff comes to Equestria. Not crossover. Being written/hiatus.
Colgate's Dentistry- Title is self-explanatory. On hiatus.
The Life and Secrets of Blossomforth- Being rewritten.
The Pink-Maned Pair- FlutterPie. Incomplete/Semi-hiatus.
Princess' Secrets- Title is self-explanatory. Being written/hiatus.
Farewell Fluttershy- Fluttercide. On hiatus.
Bad at Love- ScootaDash aged up. Being written.
Unnamed- Derpy Sparkle. Unwritten.
Thief- Somepony's been stealing. Who can be shocking. Unwritten.
Applejack's Power- AU, futuristic Applejack. Better than it sounds. On hiatus.
Celestia's Birthday- This'll be interesting. On hiatus.
The Perfect Southern Belle- TwiJack. On hiatus.
Twilight Sparkle: Patient #107497- Insane Twilight. Working on it, guys.
Lost and Loved- FlutterLuna. On hiatus.
Wings of Belles- ScootaBelle. On hiatus.
To My Loves Back Home- AppleDash, AU, sad. On hiatus.
A Sophisticated Mare- AppleDash, AU. On hiatus.
Things to be Thankful For- Cancelled.
Finding the Hay in a Stack of Needles- Cancelled.
Forfeit- Depressed Lightning Dust. Being written.
Falling in my Dreams- Unwritten.


Hey Everyone! · 8:30am Jan 2nd, 2016

I've been gone for... well, years. And I'm not sure how many of my followers are still around. How is everyone? What's changed?

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