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Our purpose is to review stories, and simply give nudges in the right direction. Whether yours is complete or not, we'd be glad to review it, and let you know how you could improve. Simply submit your story to ONE of the folders, and it will be reviewed. The best stories will go to the "Top of the Mountain" folder–you cannot submit there. The only stories that will go there are stories that receive five stars in every category.

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Note-Yes this is a work in progress, but join if you'd like.

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Comment posted by Changeling 27 deleted Jul 12th, 2014

Please forgive me if I am wrong but I am assuming that if the story has more than one theme to go for the most main theme.

I am not going to lie am very " green" , when it comes to writing.

Really I just want to gain some helpful feedback from people that are more experienced than I.

To anyone that reviews my story I thank you in advance.

I'm looking for some reviews on my story,When Worlds Collide. It's a HiE story and it's doing relatively well, but I would like some feedback to see where I can improve.

Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight
Hope you enjoy it.

I joined! I'm looking for some reviews of my story, "Awakening," and I'm also looking to help out if I'm needed. I can give reviews and I'm really good at providing feedback if you ever need another set of hands helping out.

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