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Welcome one and all to:

Reviewers Willing to Review your Fics

This group is going under a re-making. We are sorry that nothing was done for any stories added here and we hope to get things back together as soon as possible.

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Hey, uh, can you review my story Dino Saurian Rex in a possitive way for me? I just can't take all of this negative reviews.

321480 As the only admin left I have no time to help with anything here. Hence why it took me a week to reply :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for the offer. But I'm just scrapping any formal reviews. Fell free to look at the stories and add them and of course leave helpful comments..

If you guys need any help reviewing stories, I'll be willing to help.

311846 316344 Wow, I thought this group had died. Turns out I was wrong and hadn't been paying attention to notifications :twilightsheepish:

I don't know on the status at the moment because as far as I know, I'm the only Admin left and I have so much to go though and no time to do it. Fell free to add what you want and read what you want. Any reviews for them will be appreciated, but I suggest a larger group like Authors Helping Authors if you want more of a chance of help.

I'm sorry, and thank you.

- Feather Book

hello, just a quick question (first time ever joining a reviewing group.. or any group)
The one story in particular that i'd like someone to go over for me is a sequel to another story i wrote. My question is, do i need to post the first story, or do i just go ahead and send in the sequel itself?

hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight,
Hope you enjoy it.

303965 Okay, sweet, I'll ship some reviews off later today, or at latest maybe tomorrow.

303791 Okay, if you want to start helping choose one of the newest stories in the main folder and begin reading. Do what you want with them but write a review about the story. When you’ve got some reviews send them via PM to either me or RIPTID3.

The structure of the Reviews is: Story name and author, reviewer name, the review, good points, bad points, score out of 10. See these for an idea.

We’re still sorting out the group at the moment, but it is a start. :twilightsheepish:

303791 Welcome. Sorry for the long response. I'm on my phone at the moment but when I can I'll get round to sorting stuff out.
You could give the founder RIPTID3 a PM if you want.

And Rip, you have to read Awakening. Also when are the next rewiews coming up?

Hi, I'm Solocitizen, I'm new, and I have something I'd liked reviewed (I'll add it once I've done a few touch-ups and a few other little revisions), and I also wanted to see about the prospects to helping and providing feedback and reviews to other writers. I try to be insightful, as well as very respectful, in my reviews.
I was referred to this group a while ago, but I finally decided to join, and now that I'm here, I'll looking forward to working together.

302825 Great :pinkiehappy:
I’ve already started reading Aslfrasle’s (I’d been meaning to for a while). Anything else I need to know?


1. Admins.
2. Not exactly newcomers. But more for like, authors that want to make a name for themselves.
3. Your hired.
4. I dunno.

302821 I don’t mind joining. Just a few questions though.
1. Who are the reviewers? Admins or anyone?
2. Who counts as a “newcomer”?
3. Not really a question, but I wouldn’t mind helping you review if I have the time.
Also how should we publicise this? Perhaps on day it could be as big as Authors Helping Authors. (Joining that group was a great idea.)

302822 DUDE, I used to have the same mindset :rainbowlaugh:

I would definitely appreciate some reviews for my stories. Not many people seem to check them out, though I think that may be since I always end up writing about the one series or game that isn't already on this site.

New members, HERE are the rules

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