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Hey, this is a group where I try to bring the good stories into the spotlight, and keep the bad out, want an honest review for your story? I'm your Gryphon!
Anyone else can also review stories here, discuss my reviews, or request for me or someone to review their stories, but, no posting others stories without permission, I will, thanks to some advice I got from some helpful person, delete stories not posted by the writer.
Like I said before, I review on honest terms.
If it's sad, I should be sad, if it's a comedy, I should laugh, if it's random, I should go "eh..." And if it's a ship/clop fic then I... ah, should, really enjoy the story ;).
Anyway, point is, if I enjoy it, I will say so, if I don't, I will say so... Grammar will be a problem, but only if it screws up the read.
For some reason, I feel like I'm shouting with letters, get used to that :).

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Well, yes, but rather slowly, I am one man, and have real life stuff to do as well as my own stories to write.

Despite this, I am desperately trying to read stories and review them, but, it's kinda hard with all the stuff I just mentioned.

That said, I am going to really start reviewing like I did before.

Are you still doing reviews? :derpyderp2:

Some of you may have noticed, I've been away a while doing crap, but I'm back now with a message.
Does anyone want to help review? I could really use some, it gets so lonely, being evil...

362792 I did, it's really not bad, but, you asked me to be harsh, so!
Issues arise in the story telling, it seems very head canon focussed.
Also, how about, she has the option to choose one friend, and see the conflicts that arise, watch their friendship be tested to breaking point, and making Twilight try to choose one, her, best friend.
I dunno, that's what I'd do, but I'm cruel, so I would :)

362787 I think you're more likely to attract people with that quote then push them away. :trollestia:

So, what did you think of the story (assuming you made it past Spike riding Rarity)? :unsuresweetie:

Btw, you can delete a story from one folder and add it in another folder (the answer to your previous question).

'He smiled as he mounted Rarity"
Stay away! It's one of those people!


362778 I value any feedback I can get on my stories. Usually, the more negative it is, the more helpful it is to me, so don't hold back.

I posted the link to My projects (<— this is a link right here). The stories that need reviewing / editing are marked with "Current state of completion: 100%".

The next one to go into publishing is Princess of Friendship (<— another link), so you can start with that one if you want. I'm really excited about this one, I'm aiming for at least a popular box with it. :twilightsmile:

362778 Don't know, and I'm the Founder of the PinkieBurn and the Free Writing groups.

I'm not going to tell you to cancel a story, just suggest improvements.
Dragor, I can't be booked up, I do this in my own time, so, where are these stories?
Is it possible for me to move stories from one folder to another? I want a kind of, hall of fame, thing.

You're probably booked up, but if you ever have just a few minutes to waste, you can just drop on my finished, yet unpublished, stories in Google Docs and start commenting on anything that irks you. You can find the list of them under My projects. I want to make them perfect before publishing.

This goes for anypony reading this.

Bring it. Fair warning, I will not cancel my story. Only improve and continue on.

Go ahead. Review any of my pieces of crap/stories. I love criticism.

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