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    I just want to say right off the bat, I don't think I'll be able to draw anything tonight. I'll get started on a sketch, but it'll more than likely be next month. There's actually a lot of ideas bouncing in my head, but obviously I'll need more time to get them done.

    In the meantime though, here's a bunny suit version of the Lopunny

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Thank you! :twilightsmile:

It looks nice, I definitely wasn't expecting Dashie asking me to unzip her, but still looks good!

It's okay, I'm a bit art blocked too actually

although it would be nice to see a new drawing, your well being matters more. The art you made a while back still is cute


Recommend you also watch some lore videos by NGN on both games of the lore.

And hey you might find it interesting and an idea for your next artwork

Sorry, I'm kinda artblocked right now. :ajsleepy:

uhm... what division?

Thanks for the follow my friend.

But I must ask?

Have you ever heard of *looks around* the division?

I just logged on, and I'm genuinely surprised you made one with my OC. It looks really cute! :pinkiehappy:
Merry Christmas!

thanks for watch back.

Thank for the watch.

Hiya! Saw your sketch post and I love it! Anyway, My team would like for you to work with us! I run the team called Hoofle-65 in conjunction with my youtube channel. So, Think about and let me know in a PM,ok?

perhaps one day an untouched copy of Ori and the Blind Forest would turn up, although then again, thinking about it. If I tried to install it on a new xbox, it would just install the definitive edition right?

What are the odds?

That's funny. I said the same about Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Literally, those were my exact words

I guess I can still try though, with the Xbox series. Sad thing is I wanted to play the original version of Ori, but they only have the definitive edition now, but I guess that's okay since definitive edition has more content

That bites. You really missed out on Mass Effect. The greatest sci-fi RPG ever.

  • Viewing 139 - 158 of 158
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