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This is a group, well, dedicated to helping authors. It's a simple as that.

It's a free-for-all group that allows everything but full-on clopfics. (Sex can be used for dynamics, and can be used to add volume to your story. But don't be too descriptive about it.)

You can post your stories to their respective folders as many times as you want! (But try to keep it under control)

We're not too strict in this group, but try not to bash each other in the forums. We want this to be a friendly environment!

There will be a folder for each story genre/category that is provided when you first create your story, as well as a folder for suggesting stories (that aren't yours) of any genre/category.

Feeling self-conscious about shamelessly promoting your story? Don't worry, we won't judge you that much over here (or at all, hopefully). Don't get angry and call out other authors for 'spamming the forums/comments' with their stories, administrators can handle that.

Other than that, just have fun reading other stories, while trying to rack up ratings for your own!

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Hey there:heart:! I'm a new Fimfiction member that joined about a week ago! I hope you guys like my stories!:scootangel:

I can be friendly. I swear! :scootangel:

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