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Final Entry February 5 2015 · 9:45pm Feb 5th, 2015

It is the new year, 2015. I have probably disappointed the small number of followers that I have, as I've pretty much abandoned all of my stories.

This changes, and ends, today.

I felt that I wasn't doing my stories justice with my writing skills, so I gave up and left Fimfiction.net. But, after taking a couple creative writing classes, I now feel confident that I can finally, after a year's hiatus, put an end to the Trebass series.

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1134932 I'M NOT PINK. I do dance on rainbows though.

*gets online to see you following us* OH GOD, WE'RE NOT WORTHY.
After reading though the rest of your stories, I agree with Sylph on this one, we're definately not worthy.
~Sylpheed and Eli

248493 Cheers man! I am, Thanks! I'll probably get back to work on my stories in 2013. Hopefully I'll get over my writing block :derpytongue2:

Hope you're having a wonderful Holiday, Trebass!:rainbowdetermined2:

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