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Avid writer, watcher of anime, player of games, and chef in my spare time.

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  • Monday
    Just turned 23 today!

    What a crazy year it's been. Here's to a much better one this year lol

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  • 20 weeks
    I hate to do this, but my family and I need help so I set up a GoFundMe.


    After being homeless for two months, we've been in dire straits as far as money goes. I'm stuck at home taking care of my mother, brother, and dogs. If anyone could help us out at all, I'd appreciate it.

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  • 29 weeks
    Just got through being homeless for two months.

    It was a rough time and I didn't want to alarm any of you out there. I was evicted from my home in July and only recently found a new place to live near the end of August. I did my best to keep writing in spite of this though as it was the only way to keep myself sane.

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  • 51 weeks
    Just launched a Patreon

    I was debating on doing this, but I'm in a bit of a rough spot right now and any support would be helpful. Of course, there's no pressure to pledge as I intend on continuing writing the same as I've always been. However, if you do support me, then you'll get your name on my profile page, be able to access certain chapters early, or I'll be willing to incorporate any idea you give me into my current works. Thanks in advance. :pinkiehappy:


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  • 52 weeks
    I just turned 22 and got my story on the featured tab recently.

    Life is good :yay:

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Just turned 23 today! · 11:18am Yesterday

What a crazy year it's been. Here's to a much better one this year lol

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Offscreen: Awkward Silence Bro.

...well then I...

...IDK. I honestly don't know.

Well anywho, here I am:twilightsmile:

How? I don't recall doing anything related to them. 🤔

Oh sweet. Hope you enjoy what I've got written!

I think TheKMExperience brought me here.

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