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This is a group dedicated to stories about Christmas and Christmastime
Be it romance,comedy,adventure or maybe a little sad Christmas stories are always awesome reads! :pinkiehappy:

Group rules:
Kid-Friendly stories only, I want to keep this group Family-Friendly.:twilightsmile:
Romantic stories okay (straight pairs only) no sexual content or references of any kind.
Crossovers are okay as long as they remain Kid-Friendly.
Pony versions and parodies of Christmas movies, shows and books are okay.

Due to the fact that I received multiple responses to my art request, I will be alternating the profile/cover photo every two weeks so everyone's art can be showcased.

Thanks to:
Furious Flyer Dashie (for the first cover) (Mane 6 and Spike)

SapsDrow ( SapsDrow on Deviant Art ) (For the first profile) (Santa Derpy) (and the second cover) (CMC)

Come back on: 6/30 to see the next cover art.

And I am always looking for more art to use, so don't be afraid to submit yours, just PM me with your picture(s) if you'd like your art featured here! :pinkiehappy:

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