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Hello, everyone. I am TheStallionofDarkCavalry, but you can call me "Dark" or "Stallion" for short.

I joined this website to write my own fics because I'm a huge fan of MLP: FIM and Equestria GIrls, and I also love to write my own stories. When I read some fics on this site months ago, there were some really well written and wholesome stories that totally encouraged to bring my own ideas to the table for public consumption, and they have been well received for the most part.

I'm not only a fan of MLP, but I'm also a huge fan of cartoons in general. I watch a lot of animated shows such as MLP, Spongebob, Steven Universe, Johnny Bravo, Adventure Time, DuckTales 2017, Gravity Falls, a lot of great shows that have helped define for me my taste in cartoons.

For anyone who likes my stories and follows me, thank you so much for enjoying what I put out. I know that my ideas are not as out there like the more popular and creative stories on Fimfiction, but I don't really aim to be the best. I just aim to put out what I personally enjoy while also giving people entertainment.

It's good to meet all of you nice people, and I can't wait to get out more content in the future and check out more stories I come across on this website.

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My Top Ten Least Favorite MLP Characters

Just a heads up, there are gonna be a lot of villain characters on this list since a lot of villains in MLP were one of my least favorite parts in the series.

#10: Starlight Glimmer (Season 5)

Thoughts: Out of all of villains in this series, Starlight Glimmer was probably the biggest in terms of how threatening and heavy she was when it came to her vendetta against ponies having individuality. And at first, she was definitely a successful game changer for the series. That is, until when we get to her backstory of why she rose to villainy, which made everything collapse in the process.

Everything that made Starlight a powerful villain in terms of her intimacy and insanity, pretty much all ended up being severely undermined by her backstory, of which her childhood friend Sunburst left for Canterlot once he got his Cutie Mark, while leaving Starlight behind without having hers yet. And that's pretty much all there is to it, just a shallow friendship fail excuse is Starlight's reason for why she's so twisted over cutie marks.

I will make one thing clear: I'm not against Starlight having a backstory for why she's so evil, in fact it's something that would be interesting to explore. And the one that they give us, it almost actually works. I could actually believe that Starlight's growing up for so many long years without friends or having any social interaction ended up driving her to insanity, it would definitely match up with insane and wicked she is. But sadly, they only imply that this is the case instead of confirming it, which makes it appear as though Starlight's rose to villainy was simply because her friend left her behind once he got his Cutie Mark, which makes Starlight look very childish and weak and doesn't fit her evil characterization.

I put Starlight's portrayal of Season 5 early on the list because there were moments that I did enjoy and laughed at, and her redeemed self from Season 6 to onward did win me back and became one of my favorite characters.

#9: Wallflower Blush

Thoughts: Okay, let me first just say that out of all of the characters that I put on this list, Wallflower Blush was the one I felt the most bad for putting on here because this was a character that I actually wanted to like. I really felt like Forgotten Friendship was onto something with this character, and they actually almost succeeded at that. But sadly, I ended up finding Wallflower very unsympathetic and not all that well written.

For what she was intended to be as a villain, this was the kind of the character that you could easily sympathize with and relate to given her status as a socially awkward outcast who had trouble getting people to notice her. But the problem was that I found her status as a socially awkward outcast kind of hard to believe given that with her interactions with Sunset and Trixie, her communication skills seem just fine. And aside from Sunset reading her mind and a song she sings, it's not exactly shown just how much Wallflower actually tried to get people to notice her, which made her problems look self-inflicted and not all that well fleshed out.

Another problem with Wallflower was her hatred towards Sunset, which I think was another good idea the writers had for this character by making her someone who doesn't buy Sunset's redemption and still thinks she's a bad person. But sadly, her hatred towards Sunset feels very forced, as her reason is that Sunset ignored her at the beginning of the movie and thus believes that Sunset didn't change at all. Which again is a very weak reason considering that Wallflower claims that everyone at Canterlot High School never notices her, which makes her decision to go after Sunset of all people and try to ruin her life look very senseless since she was doing what everyone else was doing to Wallflower, and we also don't know how much of a victim that Wallflower was back when Sunset was a bully.

The way that I personally would have fixed this would be to make Wallflower the character that Sunset picked on the most back when she was a bully, which would actually give her a reason not to buy Sunset's redemption and to make her the main target of the memory stone, and also actually make her look like she's lacking in communication and people skills.

I will say though, she does have a cute design and did have have a few funny lines.

#8: Babs Seed

Thoughts: Babs Seed is definitely not a good example of how to make a sympathetic bully character.

First of all, when you want to make a character sympathetic, don't make them too cruel to sympathize with. And Babs Seed went out of her way to bully the CMCS, and it was just plain sad, especially when Sweetie Belle cried. Which is why even after Applejack explained why she was acting that way, I did not feel bad for Babs at all.

Even though she did learn her lesson in the end and does get better in later episodes, she did not really have that many redeeming qualities.

#7: Snips and Snails

Thoughts: These two characters definitely left a sour taste in the mouths of a lot of fans in their first episode "Boast Busters" where they were the ones who brought the Ursa Major to Ponyville but get off scot-free while Trixie gets harshly punished. And while I didn't like Trixie at first, these two were definitely worse than she was. I mean, at least Trixie had personality and didn't do anything too wrong compared to them.

As is, Snips and Snails are both pushed as comedic relief in both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls, and they are both not funny. Instead, they come off as annoying. Though, they're not too annoying, they are just given unfunny lines and thankfully the writers don't try to push all of the humor onto them and just switch to another character who will definitely have much more funny things to say. Which allows me to stomach them fine whenever they're on-screen, even if they do annoy me sometimes.

#6: Sunset Shimmer (MLP: EG 2013)

Thoughts: Whenever people talk about their problems with the first Equestria Girls movie, they will usually point to Flash Sentry as their least favorite character in that movie. And yeah, while Flash was pretty dull and pointless, he wasn't the character that I hated the most, that honor would belong to Sunset Shimmer.

Even though she's definitely my favorite character in all of Generation 4, Sunset Shimmer seriously started off very badly. While she did have a few interesting elements such as being Princess Celestia's top student before Twilight, none of those elements are really explored all that much, and what we're forced to sit through instead with Sunset is a bland typical cookie cutter popular high school girl who comes off as a snotty bully and her main objective is to harass the main character while also trying to win a princess crown at a school dance.

Every time when Sunset was on-screen, I was annoyed as hell while watching her. I did not find her entertaining, nothing she said really had any value, and she just felt so typical in a high school setting movie. This is mainly based on personal preference because I have gotten so sick of this kind character trope. It's been done to death in pretty much every high school themed TV show and movie, and this movie did not really bring anything to the table that would have been to Sunset's benefit.

Thankfully, Rainbow Rocks and later installments in the Equestria Girls series managed to fix her and made her become one of the best characters in all of Generation 4, and also make her my favorite character in all of MLP.

#5: Cozy Glow

Thoughts: Season 8 certainly didn't have the best ideas overall compared to the other seasons, whether it was a few of their new characters or the poorly thought out episodes it had. But for me, one of the worst ideas for Season 8 was Cozy Glow.

This character is heads down one of my least favorite villains in all of MLP. Upon her introduction, she was such an unnecessary character that nothing about her tied into the theme of racism that Season 8 was all about. While I hate Chancellor Neighsay even more, at least he tied into that theme given that he was the villain of the entire season until Cozy took over that role at the last minute.

One of the things that makes Cozy Glow a bad idea as a character is the fact that she's a filly, and there was no given explanation as to why a filly of all things was so evil. While an explanation would have been nice to have, I didn't really care too much to want to know about Cozy's backstory because she was not really all that interesting or entertaining as an individual character. She's basically that typical cute little child character who acts like she's all sweet and innocent, but is actually in secrecy an absolute devil that the only people who know that are the viewers. In other words, she's a Darla Dimple knockoff.

It also doesn't help that both times when she got her comeuppance, it resulted in backlash from fans saying that she should have been redeemed instead of being punished. Well, that right there shows that she was a seriously bad idea for a villain character and it would have been better if she just did not exist at all.

Even though she's one of my least favorite parts about Season 8, she's not the worst character in that season. Like I said, that title belongs to Chancellor Neighsay. And the reason is because Cozy Glow at least did have her entertaining moments while interacting off of Chrysalis and Tirek in Season 9, and even though it's still unfortunate that she can't exactly stand on her own as a character compared to those two, the fact that she entertained me at all was impressive.

#4: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

Thoughts: Arguably, these two are among some of the worst bully characters in all of Western animation, and for very good reasons.

For the most part, considering that these two are insufferable because they are meant to come off as hate sinks to the viewers, they ended up being meant to come off as sympathetic bully characters in Season 5. And to me, that just sort of didn't work, because these two girls were way too cruel that their actions were not only mean, but practically irredeemable. I mean, there was one episode where they mock Scootaloo for her disability that makes her unable to fly, and one of the easiest ways to kill any sympathy or any likability for any character is to make them do things like that.

Aside from not working as sympathetic characters, and even though they were originally meant to be hated by the audience, the stuff that they said and did to the CMCs was just so heartbreaking and cruel that it was just a struggle to sit through most of the time. Which is why even with their new found sympathetic traits and even if I did feel bad for them a bit, I did not care in the slightest that they were dropped from the show after Season 5.

#3: Zephyr Breeze

Thoughts: Zephyr Breeze. Good freaking god. :raritycry:

The best way that I can describe Zephyr Breeze is that he's basically a Pauly Shore caricature with the personality of an unlikable and unfunny Johnny Bravo. While both of them are Casanova wannabe losers who live on their parents' dime while having no job to support themselves, Johnny is at least a funny and likable character that the show fully acknowledges that he's not a role model nor a character you're supposed to relate to, and his narcissism has actual charm to it and he's put through so much crap in every episode that you end up rooting for him and finding him entertaining.

Zephyr on the other hand, is supposed to be relatable for his loser ways due to his insecurities, and you're supposed to find him trying to woo Rainbow Dash as comedic gold. But because of how much of a annoying narcissist he is I couldn't sympathize with him or relate to him, along with his attempts to weasel out of his jobs without actually trying to work and blaming everyone else for his own mistakes. And nothing he said or did was really all that funny, especially his interactions with Rainbow Dash which were just creepy based on her disgust and annoyance from him, and it also doesn't help that the episode tries to push this joke like crazy even though it's not funny.

And given that he's only appeared in a few episodes and shorts in the series, he really didn't make much of an impression on the show so you could just easily cut him from it and no value would be lost.

#2: Vignettte Valencia

Thoughts: Like how I mentioned that Wallflower Blush isn't the worst Equestria Girls villain, that spot is easily saved for this annoying waste of digital lines and paint.

Vignette Valencia is hands down the most lacking in terms of redeeming qualities for an Equestria Girls villain. There is seriously nothing good about this character. She's annoying, she's shallow, she's rude, and she shows absolutely no value in anything that isn't a trend even when it's a living person. Unlike the other unsympathetic Equestria Girls villains who at least had remorse about the bad things they did and were magically corrupt by the power they had, Vignette had no magical corruption and was already a bad character even before she got her magic phone.

I wouldn't have minded her so much if she was just meant to be a bad guy we're not meant to have any sympathy for, but according to Nick Confalone, we're supposed to see her as a sympathetic and relatable character who was doing what she was doing for all the likes and praise for her fans and doesn't want to disappointment them.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Do I even need to explain how that doesn't work when it's so obvious how come it doesn't?! I think not.

Anyway, I hated this character so much, and regardless of the fact that I did enjoy Roller Coaster of Friendship, it would have been a lot better if someone went back to the drawing board with this character.

#1: Chancellor Neighsay

Thoughts: Okay, so it may seem kind of strange that I'm putting Chancellor Neighsay as the worst character when he's clearly meant to be a hate sink character. But the reason I'm putting him as the worst is for two simple reasons: 1: He's an unnecessary character. And 2: He's hardly even a character.

When I first watched Season 8, I not only felt like Neighsay was character with no redeeming qualities, but I just felt like he was not even a character altogether. To me, all he came off was just a plot device to serve as an obstacle for Twilight's School of Friendship idea, and they tried to disguise that as some typical racist politician hate sink.

Not only that, but I just felt like that he was totally unnecessary too, along with the lesson of prejudice that the entirety of Season 8 is about. I mean, this show has over nine seasons worth of creatures all over Equestria that we know are really good and likeable characters, and Season 1 already tackled a lesson about prejudice through introducing Zecora to the series. And that was so early in the series that outside of dragons, we really didn't know about any of the other species in Equestria. And we also know that not every pony in Equestia is good since we've had a handful of jerks and villains over the coarse of the series that were ponies, so not all of the problems that arise in Equestria are due to non-pony creatures. So I feel like that after seven seasons and the 2017 movie, the fact that there are good characters outside of ponies in Equestria already speaks for itself and doesn't need to be clashed by some unnecessary corrupt politician.

It's also a matter of personal preference considering that I'm tired of seeing typical corrupt politicians in cartoons and movies that I love so much since all they do is remind me of the corrupt politicians that we have in real life that get on my absolute nerves. I'm sorry for getting a bit political, I just wanted to make my hatred for Neighsay have more understanding sense to it.

And what's especially sad about this character is that he's voiced by Maurice LaMarche, a very well known and talented voice actor, and not even he could manage to save this character.

Dishonorable Mentions

Juniper Montage

Thoughts: Even though I do consider Juniper Montage one of the weakest villains in Equestria Girls, there's really nothing to her outside of being a spoiled brat. She's just forgettable and has no charm to her character, so there's really nothing about her that got seriously under my skin.

Spoiled Rich

Thoughts: Even though Spoiled Rich is a pretty cruel and nefarious character, that was clearly the point given that she's supposed to be hated and be the source to Diamond Tiara's cruelness.

Flash Sentry

Thoughts: When the first Equestria Girls movie premiered, Flash Sentry caught so much flak from being a bland and generic pretty boy character whose only role is for an unnecessary romance subplot with Twilight, so much so that you could cut him from the movie and nothing of value would be lost. And yeah, I'm in the same boat, but I didn't exactly hate him.

I mean sure, he was unnecessary and not a good love interest for Twilight, but that didn't really make me outright hate him. When I first saw the movie, the only thing I thought of him was that he was just, there. He was just simply in the movie and didn't really add to anything regarding the main plot of Twilight fighting Sunset for the Crown of Friendship. In other words, instead of hating his guts and wishing that Twilight would outright smash his heart, I just simply didn't like him and felt like he didn't really need to exist.

Though, I did warm up to him a bit in the Better Together series where they fleshed him out a bit to give him more of an identity but not too much to completely win me over, and they gave him more smaller roles instead of giving him so much screen time like in the first two movies. Overall, he's an okay character at best, but an unnecessary and boring character at worst.