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For any and all fanfiction dedicated to the Royal Sisters. Please only post fics that are centric to the Royal Sisters - do not post them if they're merely side characters. Unless they are the main character(s), DO NOT ADD THEM.

Posted fics should be about Celestia, Luna, or both. Shipfics and clopfics allowed.

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Comment posted by Zetari deleted Oct 19th, 2020

im just crying inside. Luna barely a decade back and already no princess. :,)
I want her to lower the moon forever, its legit her cm. like if they give that power to twilight, I will just rewatch everything but that scene. denial# xD

Can you believe that Celestia and Luna are retiring, my replay button broke cuz I just kept on replaying that part:fluttercry::fluttershbad:😭😢

Hi everyone!

I just added a story I'm working on--For the Good of Equestria: Shine On. The story's actually done, but I'm posting it a little at a time. This one focuses on Celestia and her early years with Luna, with both of them learning to adapt to their new roles.

I've been getting some great feedback already, so you all should go check it out!

And thus, GobSmacker joined the fray.

Members of the Celestia & Luna Group,
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Also, consider joining the group
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I have a fanfic that is centered around Celestia. ;D

I don't have a story that the two sisters yet but I'm working on one as we speak so don't worry:pinkiehappy:

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are best sisters :raritywink:

I tentatively added my story, Mother Mare's Foal Tales, to the Celestia & Luna folder as the first (and, as of writing, only) tale features them... Tentatively because each tale will focus on different characters. If anyone feels it doesn't belong here, I'll remove it straight away and preemptively apologize.

:heart: C.W.

337493 He would have a good chance, unless Twillight find out about his coffin and how to kill him.

341393 The conversion burea(not sure if I spelled the lsat word right)

You know I just thought of a prefect way to describe the princesses.
‘Celestia is the guiding light that leads us home every night, Luna is the shadow that is always by your side, the fateful companion that you share you life with.‘
Tell me what you think. Please.

I have, but my version is centered right before and while Luna is Nightmare Moon.

350123 Have you seen this?

If anyone knows how to animate, and wanted to help me, that would be great. I wrote and recorded(on garage band) a let it go MLP version, and I'd like to animate a video of it. Unfortunately I have no Idea how to animate. if anyone wants to help, i would greatly appreciate it!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Lumosity15 deleted Feb 21st, 2014

I have an incredible story featured completely around Luna and her emotions towards her dark past and her sister Celestia! I have taken a lot of time to write this story as deep and poetic as possible. It's currently under approval but keep your eyes peeled! This is one story you do NOT want to miss!

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