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You know I just thought of a prefect way to describe the princesses.
‘Celestia is the guiding light that leads us home every night, Luna is the shadow that is always by your side, the fateful companion that you share you life with.‘
Tell me what you think. Please.

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Thank you for faving "Fallout: Equestria Girls" :twilightsmile:

2303387 seems to be the Majority of the reason XD

2303380 CTS need I say more

2303375 may I ask what you like about the series?

2303331 like the series alot:yay:

Thank you for adding The Soldier and The Empress to your Favorites.:twilightsmile:

May i ask what you like about it?

Your profile pic man! That shit is great!

Thanks for the favorite, Still trying to find some time to get equestrian scrolls two out

May I say you have a hilarious user pic? Cuz its really funny!

the science mostly.


Thank you for favoring from biochemistry with love, may I ask what did you like most about it?

Thanks for the Favorite on Pirates of Equestria. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the watch as well! Let's hope that I will keep you entertained with my writing

Thank you for the favorite on Angel of Gold! I hope you enjoy the adventure.

1928029 the fact you have a horror monster not acting like one.

Thanks for the fav! What did you like about the story?

1904814 my fave. part is when Owen fought discord.

Thanks for the fave what is your fave part

Thanks so very kindly for the favorite on Legacy!:pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 26 - 45 of 45
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