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Cyber V

Things I want to accomplish

1. Get one of my stories featured. (The winner is A Soul in Steel and Iron)
2. Become an excellent writer.
3. Become a known and respected writer and person.
4. To reach over 25 chapters in my current story.
5. To reach over 50 chapters in my current story.
6. To reach over 100 chapters in my current story.
7. To reach over 200 chapters in my current story.
8. Get 100 followers.
9. Get 200 followers.
10. Get 500 followers.
11. Get over a 1000 followers.
12. Get 25 favs on ANPoV. (A New Point of View)
13. Get 50 favs on ANPoV.
14. Get 100 favs on ANPoV.
15. Get 150 favs on ANPoV.
16. Get over 200 favs on ANPoV.
17. Get over 300 favs on ANPoV.
18. Get over 400 favs on ANPoV.
19. Get over 500 favs on ANPoV.
20. Get over 600 favs on ANPoV.
21. Get over 700 favs on ANPoV.
22. Get over 800 favs on ANPoV.
23 Get over 900 favs on ANPoV.
24. Get over 1000 favs on ANPoV.
25. Write over 10,000 words.
26. Write over 20,000 words.
27. Write over 30,000 words.
28. Write over 40,000 words.
29. Write over 50,000 words.
30. Write over 100,000 words.
31. Write over 200,000 words.
32 Write over 300,000 words.
33. Write over 400,000 words.
34. Write over 500,000 words.
35. Write over 600,000 words.
36. Write over 700,000 words.
37. Write over 800,000 words.
38. Write over 900,000 words.
39. Write over 10,000,000 words.
40. Get 25 favs on ASiSaI (A Soul in Steel and Iron)
41. Get 50 favs on ASiSaI
42. Get 100 favs on ASiSaI
43. Get 150 favs on ASiSaI
44. Get 200 favs on ASiSaI
45. Get 300 favs on ASiSaI
46. Get 400 favs on ASiSaI
47. Get 500 favs on ASiSaI
48. Get 600 favs on ASiSaI
49. Get 700 favs on ASiSaI
50. Get 800 favs on ASiSaI
51. Get 900 favs on ASiSaI
52. Get 1000 favs on ASiSaI

Rules of getting your OC into A New Point of view.

These are the rules that you MUST follow to be able to at least get into the story.

1. No crazy designs, unless you have a cause of it (just not born with it).
2. No crazy/complex backround story/bio for your OC. Keep it nice and short, because your OC is only make a single appearance and maybe pop up here and there.
Example: Murder cases, revenge, secret training for something, ect.
3. No crazy powers for non-unicorn ponies, unles you have, HAVE, a good reason.
4. No immortal beings.
5. No OP OCs.
6. No human turned ponies, there's already three of them, don't need anymore.
7. Need to send me your OC's designs in a PM and nowhere else or I'm not accepting it, AT ALL.
8. When sending me your OC design, please USE this layout so I can keep better track of it:

Owner's Name:
OC's Name:
Appearances (what the OC looks like):
Bio (background story):
Cutie Mark:

9. No shipping.
10. Don't bug me with questions about: When is my OC making an appearance? Or with: Here's an idea you could use for my OC.
When I see a perfect setting, I might put your OC. So leave me alone about it and I'll get to it when I get to it.
11. No more than one OC per request.

Warning: If you break any of these rules and you know it when you send me your OC's designs, they will either not going to be accepted or they're going under a revision by me so they can appear in the story.

I'm sorry if this sounds mean, but I have gotten requests to add other people's OC into my story, and frankly I am getting tried of looking through the comments of my stories for any OC requests and designs. I have also declined quite a few other's request as well due to their OC being... over the top. So please send me your OC designs in the form of a PM, thank you.

Added Note: I can't promise that your OC will make an instant appearance in the story.

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Hello · 6:24am Jun 27th, 2017

Well folks, it has been about a year(maybe more) since I've updated my stories and I have to say sorry about that as life has been very busy and haven't been able to touch the chapters that are in progress. However, I have great news; the next chapter for ANPoV will release very soon. Either Tuesday or Wednesday.
I am glad that you all have been patient with me and are eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

- Cyber V

Report Cyber V · 439 views · Story: A New Point of View ·
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Thank you for favoriting Guardian Donw, hope you enjoyed the new chapter :raritywink:

Sweet, because it took me about a week to read from the start to now and wanted more

Every two weeks. Just a few updates left to go, but the next one will be either Tuesday or Wednesday, I estimate.

When do you usually update it?

Thanks for the fave on The Iron Horse! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  • Viewing 93 - 97 of 97
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