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This group is for people who make weird transformations, such as human to griffin, pony to dragon, or any other weird idea that isn't cannon

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Any pony wanna do a RP?

Turning into an enhanced Twilight Sparkle that dyes her mane magically counts, right?

My stories, I feel, technically qualify as transformations. CMC into another pony. And other ponies into pony clowns/Pinkie copies.

Hello I have a few ideas of some stories if anyone would be willing to write them as I have lack the imagination and patience and ability to write them myself, and so I present the first idea if anyone's interested all I ask is to be credited as the origin for the stories

First idea: the wanderer from journey (PS3) at the end of the game (spoiler alert) when he reaches the top of the mountain and walks through the light(here's where the crossover starts) by some twisted and random event (take your pick for the cause so long as it's within reason) it (because the wanderers don't really have a gender) gets sent to equestria with not only a full and unlimited scarf but a white cloak too.
Once it arrives in equestria I think he should show up in one of three possible locations. 1 the ever free forest, 2 canterlot or 3 ponyville. Now it should be said that the story WILL be taking place at the START of season 1.

Now I also want to point out that there will only be the one wanderer and no other characters or creatures from the game, so no ominous dark force from the game and no evil OC out to kill the wanderer, all of the enemies and scenarios that the wanderer and mane six encounter will be canon ONLY, ok I want this to be a simple character from this thing gets sent from universe A to universe B, THE END. universe A being Journey (PS3) and universe B being equestria.

I also realise there will be the glaringly obvious communication issues between the mane six(and every"pony" else) and the wanderer, the simple answer to this is either one or both of two things, one of which would be morse / sound communication and the second would be fluttershy because seing as how she can understand and communicate with all manner of creatures then it wouldn't be that hard for her to understand the wanderer. Of course if any of you have a suggestion on how else this issue might be solved please pm me.

Also if anyone has any ideas on how to improve this post of mine please message me.
That's about as far as I'm willing to restrict the story anything else is up to the writer that decides to take on this story


378689 not really. with unique transformations is meant that you turn into something else then a pony/alicorn

Does human to pony and then back to human through weird charm thing count as unique?

344078 It was on the first page of comments and I hadn't seen the date.

344079 As I said, I didn't write the parasprite story. And I don't really understand what you mean with the rest.
I just wanted to know why you responded to a post I made back in summer 2012.

344078 is it acceptable to ask why you published it at the DA, and why this makes it impossible to post it here?
If for nothing, this is a new post on your part, which you had not had time to forget about?
To the point, I wasn't at FiMfic back then, let alone on this group. Thus I couldn't have responded.

344065 Why are you all responding to a post that I made more than a year and half ago? I had completely forgotten about it. :twilightsheepish:

(Also, I didn't write the parasprite story, I just would have wanted to add it here, but since it is on Deviantart, I couldn't.)

286983 obviously, this group discriminates against all things cannon. :derpytongue2:

286983 te folders are still not there?

Why is it a problem that the story had been at the DA? unless it isn't your own, that is?

Furthermore, I would love some more on the expression as to what is, or isn't in?
Canon, is that just the Pony to human, and Human to pony?
Depenidng on the specifics, I may hav a few that could be interesting?

330394 DAYUM, too adorable you is young asshopper :rainbowderp:

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