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Welcome to a group for all your humans becoming something needs!
We have a fine selection of stories to pick and choose from, and hope that you too will add more!
Please put stories in the correct folders, if no other folders work for your story message me about it and just put it in the Etc. folder until I get around to making one

(Sub-Folders work now, if there isn't a sub folder that fits a story, PM me directly or make a comment in the forums.)

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I like how the folders are seperated as 'clop' and 'nonclop'.

I'm trying to make it work as soon as possible.

(Still can't put sub-folders in due to a break...)

I had to destroy all the folders in the group, do to the fact that it wasn't making me very happy that the group was so, well bad.
I decided to make two new folders. But because of reasons, fimfiction is not allowing me to make new sub-folders.

378619 Yeh.. wut happen?
Everything is hidden.

Where are the stories in this group? I can't find them.

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