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I'm dead in the inside.... Slowly being killed off by the hatred of the world. Love me.... Please.......


Almost 100,000 views!:pinkiecrazy: And I appreciate over 700 faithful followers!!!:yay::trollestia:

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And the picture of Melody and Granite, altered...


At a loss..... · 7:48am 14 hours ago

My friends..... a dear friend of mine no longer roams the earth. Jake, you will be sorely missed. :ajsleepy: :raritycry:

He departed this earth, succumbed to cancer that he never even told me exisisted. His brother came by and told me this news.... i was floored. Rest in peace my friend.... you will be missed so very much. :fluttershysad:

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here's a randomly given hug *hugs*

Thanks for the follow.

Hey Kat, I came to see if you were alright or if you needed to talk.

May I ask why you chose to stalk me?

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