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Losing my mind, and proud of it!


Almost 100,000 views!:pinkiecrazy: And I appreciate over 700 faithful followers!!!:yay::trollestia:

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Status update #25 · 1:39pm October 20th

There has been the comfort of not waking up every day to a fight, since I left my mom's house. But.... I have learned that I have literally accomplished nothing with my life. :fluttershysad: I have tried to get a job. But after the interview, they never called me back. This has happened many times. :ajsleepy: I always have too much time on my paws, and... and I've realized just how lonely I truly am. All my friends are online only. And my boyfriend lives in another state. Plus, he has a job, so

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Thanks for the watch. I promise to keep pumping out good stories when I can. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding me to Worthwhile Stories! I appreciate it!

2638488 I couldn't find you.... I'm Thunderbolt Sentinel on Skype, please find me. :twilightsheepish:

Hetic. But PMs don't work.... So I ask you Skype chat me. (Not with a camera)

I missed you too. Has everything been alright Kit Kat? :heart:

  • Viewing 4,528 - 4,532 of 4,532
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