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This group is for anypony who are fans of Gleaming Shield or Twinkle Scout or both. We don't care. This group will be a place for anypony to share their stories or talk about these two awesome stallions, I mean mares. Everypony is welcome.

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I hope everyone is holding up during all that has gone on this past year.

I can't believe that this group is still alive and still growing after I took a long leave. But I am back and crying for joy at seeing this group. I am working on the next chapter of "I'm Not a Mare." I want to thank everyone for being awesome ponies that you are.

Everypony, I am not dead. Or I think I am not. I just had a very bad case of writers block mixed with some life stuff. If you seen my blog, you will know that I have started and finished the next chapter of "I'm Not a Mare". Right now it is being looked at by an editor. I do want to thank Erina Tail Yellow for being the first to offer help in getting the ball rolling. I hope that with any luck and drive, that this group can live once again in the light of the wonderful moon. Yes, I am a Luna fan. Go moonbutt.

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editing service

PM me with any requests


Welcome to the group. Sorry the late welcome and such. Please enjoy all the crazy stories and forum stuff.

psss.... Please spared word about this group. :twilightblush:



Oops, sorry. My giant laser arm robot side was showing. Greetings.

This group is awesome!:pinkiehappy:

We just need nine more ponies to join our herd to reach hundred. This is so cool watching this group grow. I hope to talk to everyone again or for the first time if we haven't had the chance to chat it out.


Wow, we hit 70 members. This is so cool. I want to thank everyone for making this group as cool as it is. :twilightsmile:

Loved the story, and I love this group.:pinkiehappy:

That is where the first image I found came from that made me want to write a Gleaming Shield story.

While it hasn't been updated in almost a year, this tumblr blog seems of interest to the group.

Gleaming Shield is damn sexy.

It was a short for a contest done by -WeepingAngel-

The Princess Cometh

They are out there and I hope they can find my page or I find them. Tomorrow I'm going to start looking of admins for this group so I can hope set some ground rules for how things work here. But I hope you enjoy the group and thanks for joining :pinkiehappy:

Yours is one of two that I know of. The other has to do with Twilight trying to help Flash and things... don't quite end up the way Flash thought they would. :twilightblush:

I'm kind of hoping this group will kind of help bring the ones that hidden up and or give ponies an idea for a story with them in it. :twilightsmile:

Twinkle Scout, :rainbowlaugh:

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