HOLY SHIT!!! · 1:44am Jan 22nd, 2018

I ain't been here since march of 2017?!

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Fluttershy Vs. Spiderman

Applejack Vs. Spiderman

Twilight Vs. Spiderman

Rarity Vs. Spiderman

Pinkie Pie Vs. Spiderman

Rainbow Dash Vs. Spiderman

All ya gotta do is ask!

I'm a rather well versed proof reader, and a adequate editor when I really put my mind to it. So if ya are lookin for a little help all ya gotta do is ask and all that good jazz.

Love these things

Guess I need goals...
[x]Write a story with 10k words.
[x]Gain fifty thumps up.
[x]Gain one hundred thumbs up.
[x]Five hundred story views.
[x]One Thousand story views.
[ ]Get a story featured or something.
[x]Have a reading done for a story.
[x]Have a menacing profile picture.

My stuff

My illusions

We all packin' friendship over here.

The music of my people.

My music making process

My writing process

When their is a good story.

PONIES, PONIES EVERYWHERE... (Well mostly ponies)


you really know how to be kind of creepy but in an odd friendly way.

Don't trust a word he says, dude is insane


Did I ever tell you that i really, ... really, ... REALLY hate you, when you do something like this?

Cool story bro

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You took too long to answer. I forgot which story of mine you were on.

Bachum, my good sir.

Thanks for adding "Colgate's Rants 4: Fans' Choice" to your Reading is Magic folder.

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