Been gone. · 2:57pm Dec 15th, 2016

For about three weeks now? Idk, it's been a minute, slacking on obligations and such is fun n all. But I'm back with a new one shot and a few updates for a story that I haven't touched since publishing...

Yep, here is my short burst of creativity for the year.:trixieshiftright:

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Fluttershy Vs. Spiderman

Applejack Vs. Spiderman

Twilight Vs. Spiderman

Rarity Vs. Spiderman

Pinkie Pie Vs. Spiderman

Rainbow Dash Vs. Spiderman

All ya gotta do is ask!

I'm a rather well versed proof reader, and a adequate editor when I really put my mind to it. So if ya are lookin for a little help all ya gotta do is ask and all that good jazz.

Love these things

Guess I need goals...
[x]Write a story with 10k words.
[x]Gain fifty thumps up.
[x]Gain one hundred thumbs up.
[x]Five hundred story views.
[x]One Thousand story views.
[ ]Get a story featured or something.
[x]Have a reading done for a story.
[x]Have a menacing profile picture.

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We all packin' friendship over here.

The music of my people.

My music making process

My writing process

When their is a good story.

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PONIES, PONIES EVERYWHERE... (Well mostly ponies)


you really know how to be kind of creepy but in an odd friendly way.

Don't trust a word he says, dude is insane


Did I ever tell you that i really, ... really, ... REALLY hate you, when you do something like this?

Cool story bro


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Bachum, my good sir.

Thanks for adding "Colgate's Rants 4: Fans' Choice" to your Reading is Magic folder.

2341893 Thanks, I hope you enjoy everything!

2341877 Ey, I like good stories, and that alone is follow worthy in my books. I'll be sliding through what else ya got my friend.

Thanks for the watch and adding "Blood Moon" to your Reading is Magic! folder.

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