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Several years ago, an ambitious and talented artist based out of deviantART began a project. This project is called "Equestria Divided," and it features a deliciously dark warring world ripe for stories. If you would like the full details, no one can explain it better than the creator has in his spectacular artwork and accompanying thought-out descriptions... or at least, no one could have done it like he did, but he has since closed his dA account. You can find a collection of his original artwork and setting information here on dA.

Anyway, if any writers on FIMfiction would like to write a story set in this world, the creator has stated that the setting is open to fan fiction. Any and all stories set in this world are welcome in this group. We encourage discussion amongst our members, since the setting remains largely incomplete. Browse our threads, our archives, meet new people, and be vigilant. You never know who is playing for what side until they reveal their true colors.

General Rules

These are group rules ALL groups are expected to conform to.

-Zero tolerance policy for attacking specific stories, authors, and/or groups (fimfic groups or groups of people)
-Content posted must obey all general rules of the host site (Fimfiction.net)
-No RPGs (all existing IC-RP threads have been locked and no new ones are allowed to be opened)

Code of Conduct

You are expected to conduct yourself maturely and responsibly. Please refer to these guidelines;

-Zero tolerance creative theft policy; do not post without credit if it isn't yours and do not alter someone else's work. This is a serious issue and we will treat it as such.
-Moderate your behavior for the sake of others.
-Leave personal grudges and disagreements in private.
-Personal space; don't pry into people's business or shove your life story at strangers.
-There will be no headcanon or shipping wars. None.

Thread Regulations

-Threads are reserved for ED-related topics. Consider a Discord for casual chatting and whatnot, many members have them and would probably be thrilled to invite a new friend!
-Thread title is expected to succinctly establish its topic. That being said…quit spamming the name of the setting (ex. "Equestria Divided: Blah Blah…"). Any admin can at any time change a thread title.
-Yes, you can make your own threads. No, you don't need permission. We apologize for an unwise policy regarding this in the past. By all means, have at it! If an admin REALLY needs to step in, they will.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of this group, please contact Admin CK via PM.

The group's current banner was created by Esteem_Punk, and the current icon was created by Fauxst. The credit for the concept of "Equestria Divided" itself goes to PoorYorickDA.

Finally, the group also has an IRC page here. The channel name is #fimficEQDIV

Notice to new members: Total War: Equestria Divided Wiki created by Arisaka is fan-created content (of fan-created content, yes), not canon (air quotes) information on the setting.

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Hi, everyone!
I'm looking to write an ED fic, and I was wondering: is it alright to use characters from other generations?


Hey if you guys want to would you like to discuss my idea for equestria divided?

Hello everyone I’m writing a crossover with the Tom Clancy the division universe and it’s called

Equestria divided: Agents of Harmony

If you want your own oc’s then I’ll be happy to accept them just send me a pm(Private message) to me of your oc’s like which faction or refugee or a whole new faction

And if pony then what type or race is it like unicorn, earth pony, or Pegasus. And name of your oc and cutie mark description if they have one or not and color of fur(can be more than one color) or if not pony than basic description of your oc.

Anyway thank you for letting me share and hope all of you have a good day

There's no manual for forum etiquette, it really is a journey, hopefully things aren't too ruffled. Cheers and I hope this finds you in good health.

Hey! Yo, so, dunno if anyone noticed, but the thread regulations changed a bit. Someone contacted me a while back and asked why we only let people post in old threads instead of making new ones. Apparently, posting in really old threads or reviving old conversations is called "necroing"? and people don't like it? I guess? I'm not clear if it's a technical issue or more, like, bad manners/etiquette or something, but sadly, I don't have a lot of experience dealing with forums myself and wasn't aware this was a thing…and no one told me for a LONG time, so that's embarrassing…

So, yeah! I'm formally issuing an apology to old and new members regarding that policy, I had no idea it was unpopular or generally bad manners. Also, we don't have a General Discussion thread anymore where I can put this, so this will just have to do. If you found this post, good on ya!


I can try to bump it up in my queue, I don't have a set date of when it'll be updated because I'm currently trying to get my astral travels story ready to present at my babscon panel with dr. Wolf

If you want more live updates you can join my Discord though :pinkiehappy:


Happy to hear it will continue. I don’t mean to rush you, but approximately when will the next chapter come out?


It's going to be updated, I've just got a lot of stuff in the pipeline

What happened with the fic? I was really enjoying it, I’m kinda sad it didn’t get an update

Yo everypony, I've been sitting on an Equestria Divided story for a few years and I finally got around to posting the intro. My aim is to write an actual good ED story, so I'd appreciate if y'all could give it some love!

EEquestria Divided: Bloody Tales of Disgraced Lands
Peace and Harmony have gone with the sudden disappearance of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.
Rainb0w Dashie · 2.8k words  ·  27  3 · 1.1k views

It doesn't matter if it is still popular, If you are inspired to write it please do. I love this world.

Greeting everyone I was able to at last join this group, last year I made a story that is based off of the Half Life games from Valve and Black Mesa game from Crowbar collective, and alternate mlp Equestrtia Divided by Poor Yorrick the author, so if you like go check it out and I'm going to stick to my writing story and not cancel it like other writers in this group seem to have. Beware this is an alternative of how I see how Equestria became divided and what started the whole Equestria Divided lore as a whole its not in any way related to how Poor Yorrick wanted his alternate universe to go.This is just a made up idea I've had for 4-5 years since I started reading the Equestria Divided universe I have only started writing this cause I never had the chance to do it but now I do and I know how I want my story to go.
But as all stories I have much that I know I can improve so just let me know if I should fix something or improve on something or explain a certain thing. And if you don't like it please no cursing on how bad it is just leave or dislike it like any other story as much I love to have likes on my story its up to the readers to decide.

I found a person writing a crossover with Equestria Divided, but when I pointed him this way to our group, he only gets a 403 Forbidden page. has someone locked access to this group? someone see this and help.

413031 I actually DID finally find it (after a few Google searches), AND it's sequel (which was sadly never finished) over on an archive site called FIMFetch.

I can post the links to both of them here if you want them.

Just let me know, k?

It was called House Brightflame. I can't find it either

410405 Go right ahead, no idea how many people are still here and its definitely more "dead" then before but, if you want to it would be really cool. I also plan one day when i have time to start writing journals and "descriptions", kinda like if a neutral pony was watching and documenting everything he found about all the houses, its just we've discussed a lot based on whats already happened now its up to someone to make something out of it.
So please do go ahead if you want. Id like to see it.

Okay, I need a bit of help in finding a certain couple Equestria Divided fics.

I could have sworn that they were in one of my Favorites Bookshelves somewhere, but I've thoroughly searched the ones I thought that they NIGHT be in, aaaaaand... nothin.

The plot for the original one was that Spike (who, as we all know, was aged up, but kept drugged and in the caves beneath Canterlot by Twilight) had managed to clear his mind and form his own House (which, if I'm not TOO much mistaken, was called either "Sunflame" OR "Greenflame"; can't really remember what the House's name was).

He then escaped, but, before he did, confronted Twilight and swore vengeance on her and the other girls for what they'd done to both him AND Equestria.

The sequel had him forming (after a LOT of conflict and stubborness on HER part) an alliance with Applejack and her House Earthborn.

Sadly, I don't remember the name of the author, either.


Hey so is everybody still here? Ive been gone for like ages and was wondering in what state this group is in? Do we still have our few dedicated fans or has this group finally died? Either way if its not locked up or something im definitely coming back to start theorizing and making up crazy stories and characters, ive always loved this universe and always will.

Is Equestria Divided still cool? I've been re-inspired to write my Equestria Divided fics and I've got a pretty good draft going. Just gauging interest so far, I'm sure a good fic would rekindle everyone's interest :twilightsmile:

Hey there :D

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