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Hello and welcome to yet another project by Wanderer D!

But this one is actually interesting. (Your mileage may vary.)

Regardless, it's interactive and it depends not only on me, but all of you Gryphon/Changeling/Zebra/Etc. lovers out there!

So, what is this all about?

Well, it's about establishing a mythos for the other races of Equestria. Let's build their world.

Take Gryphons, for example. Do they have a western-type kingdom? Are there gigantic mead-halls at the top of snowy mountains for where they meet? (I sooo love that mental image) Who are their gods? How do their gods interact with Celestia and Luna?

These and more questions can be solved here. This is an archive as well. Add stories where we see a race's culture being expanded upon to the appropriate species folder. It doesn't have to be the same as to what we write here. It can serve as reference or as an interesting alternative.

And, are you a writer and you need reference for your story that includes background info for your stories? Worry not! Here it is! It's free, it's being expanded upon and we welcome your ideas!

Here are the rules:

Golden Rule: When you write information about a race, you can include how they interact with Ponies, but we're not world-building for Ponies, we get enough of that already. This place is for all other species. (Although how do they relate/interact with Ponies is important and perfectly fine to include.)

1) Anyone can join, and whoever joins is entitled to the same respect and welcome as all other members. This is a FIM off-shoot, so, don't forget the Love and Tolerance message.

2) Be polite. People are allowed to disagree with you, and you, in turn, can disagree with them, but there's no need to get into a fight. If you feel very strongly about your version of a Gryphon Kingdom, simply add a new thread and expand on it there!

3) No image spamming. What I mean is, don't post image after image after image as a response. Seriously. It is grounds for group banning. I love memes as much as the next guy but it gets very annoying.

4) Before posting a new thread, browse around to make sure there isn't one already covering your idea.

5) Don't be afraid to post your opinion. If something doesn't work, and you have a reason to think so, you should explain it. Just make sure to think carefully how to best express what you're trying to say.

6) Take criticism with a grain of salt. Having your ideas criticized can be pretty annoying and discouraging, but think of it as a suggestion (which it is); you don't have to drop what you are doing, but it might be worth looking at it from another POV. Maybe all you need is a bit of help tweaking it.

7) No harassing members of Fimfiction or badmouthing them here. Just, no. You're welcome to have your own opinions about people, but keep them to yourself if you want to rant about how evil/bad/mediocre/sad/stupid/moronic/idiotic/etc someone is. No one wants to see that. If you don't like someone's stories, it's fine to say so, and you can expand a bit on why if you feel like it, but no insulting and no chasing around someone. Especially if it's because they have a different views on the subject matter of this group.

8) Make sure you add your thoughts on a specific issue in the appropriate folder/thread and use common sense as to where to place it.

9) If you're basing your suggestion on fanfics, (i.e. Chessverse) make sure you mention that.

10) Please don't advertise your new group with us. We're not here to promote them. Also, please don't promote your own stories, post threads asking for proofreaders, etc. in this group. That's not what we're here for either.

Tl;dr: - Treat others with respect. - Look around before you post. - Don't hesitate to say what you think as long as it's relevant to the discussion. - Put stuff in the right folder - Quote the origin of your contribution if you didn't think it up yourself.

Remember that I do have the power to enforce the rules, and being part of a group I lead doesn't make you immune from the rules of the rest of either.


Fantasy World-building Questions

Have more resources? Post them in the comments below and I will add them here after I check them.

Enjoy your stay, and I hope to hear from all of you!


PS: The one exception: NO HUMANS. No human culture, no human activity, no human mention.

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the other species folder is bloated, please add the following folders:
*Storm Empire

So... A warrior culture for Bears inspired by the Nordic myths is off of question?
Because I'm building my history with this kind of thing in mind.

For example:
Ursine (Bear Folk) ~ Nordic Culture.
Kitsunes (Fox Folk) ~ Japanese Myths.
Lupines (Woolf Folk) ~ Pagan cultures who fought the Roman Empire.
White Foxes - A mix of Nordic and Japanese Culture.

And I have been doing it in a way I can easily translate in D&D, so... Does this fit the theme of the group?

This question is, of course, because of the NO HUMAN rule... but I am a little confuse. :)

Remember you don't have to obey canon 100% all the time. In fact if you want to do something like change personality traits of a certain character because you would find it more interesting or better written that way, go for it! And if you want to ignore a season or an episode or one little minor canon detail, go for it. Just make sure you make a good story out of it and try not to change everything.

Hello, I wrote a story set a thousand years in the guture and added it into two of the folders of the characters/races that appear within so far (but there will be more and I might end up adding to it as time goes on.)

Is that all right?

So, when you submit something here, does it have to work with/not interfere with what is stated in all the other submissions?

Season 8 is destroying so many headcanons.

Pokemon in Equestria. If I do interesting worldbuilding with this concept, does it get to enter this group?

Chimeras should get a folder.

. . . Hello?




383700 "The God of Stone, Aulë, created the Earth Ponies in his spare time, for he was busy forging and shaping the lands of Equestria. His creator, Eru Illùvatar, was not pleased by his actions; for he was the undisputed God of Eä (The Universe in Sindarin) and the World of Arda, and he would be the only entity to create the Children. And so Aulë—with a heavy heart—raised his mighty hammer upon the air as the Earth Ponies pleaded for mercy . Eru took notice of their pleas and prayers and felt great sorrow in his heart. And so he allowed Aulë to keep the Earth Ponies; however, they would suffer a fate worst than death when the time of Arda is at an end. The Earth Ponies reluctantly agreed to this deal, and so the Children of Aulë was born. And on that day, seven Earth ponies woke up from their slumber inside their halls of Stone, and head outside for the first time..."

What does a timberwolf fic count as?

Comment posted by Sharp77 deleted Feb 23rd, 2016

No problem. If you have any other questions regarding the group, best to PM an admin about it. As you can see, it can be weeks before we notice questions down here :twilightsmile:

No, nothing unfair about any of it.
Thank you for replying. I shall continue to use the Other folder then.


Can we get a folder for cats?
Maybe one for Reptiles and Amphibians too?
The list so far is too narrow; no chance to create outside of it.

Short answer: No.

Long Answer: The folders we have are specifically for races we've seen in the show. If it's not canon, we're not gonna make a folder for it.

Perhaps you think this unfair, but we can't create folders for every species one could dream of, as that would just be chaotic. Any arguments one could make for cats deserving their own folder could also be made for gorillas, rats, pigeons, easter island crabs, lesser spotted woodpeckers, the common side-blotched lizard, etc.

That's why we have an Other folder. If people are interested in seeing what weird and whacky ideas people can come up with for non-canon species, that's where they'll go.

Can we get a folder for cats?
Maybe one for Reptiles and Amphibians too?
The list so far is too narrow; no chance to create outside of it.
I guess other works, but I don't know if people will bother looking through it.

402675 ...There's only a couple mentions in the story I wrote and wanted to put it here.

Casual Reminder to all commenters that the admins do not recieve notifications if you post here. If you have a question, please PM us directly.

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