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Hello everyone and welcome to the Griffon Kingdom. This is a safe place where anyone and everyone are welcome. Here you can find stories, As the name of the kingdom suggests they're about griffons. I don't have a lot to say other than please treat each other with the respect that you would show your own family as that is what we are here in the Griffon Kingdom.

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i like birds

how do i add a story here?

Hello all, nice to meet everyone. I've been working on my first griffon focused story so it seemed an appropriate time to join. The griffons absolutely deserve some more love, this group definitely picks up the show's slack in that department.

I am seriously in need of learning more about this place:pinkiehappy:! More needs a leader again:applecry:!!!

It still gets stories added to it

Is this group still active? I've found a lot of good griffon stories here and was wondering if this group is still adding them.

Hello everybody glad to finally be back. I hope that you have all been enjoying yourselves here in the Griffon Kingdom. I would just like to say that we have almost reached 250 stories here if any of you have any questions please contact me or Slice we'd be happy to answer your questions.

367165 glad you did to:pinkiehappy:

I did not know this group existed. I'm happy to have found it!

349566 what's up wolf haven't talked a while dude:pinkiehappy:

Hey what's everypony and griffon wolf here I just want to thank all of you for joining this group it really means a lot to me so please enjoy yourselves here with all the griffon related stories that you can handle

I just joined and I would like to have some feedback on my story. What can I do better :pinkiecrazy:

Just joined up, and thank you for adding my story.

I'm surprised my story was already added into a group, thanks though to whoever did it :pinkiehappy:


Well then my good sir I would like to thank you for praising my concept of the Griffon kingdom

Well hello everyone, thought you might be a little lonely, so I decided to join ya.

Not sure if my story "Patty the Pegasus" counts as sad or tragic. I'll go with sad unless anyone can help with the definitions. Please message me if you can.

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