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Hello, and welcome to The Dragon Club! I'm your club manager, Cadances Paladin! Here, we are all dragons, and we are bosses at it! We don't have standards, but we do have rules for you to follow, which aren't standards by the way. I'm contradicting myself, aren't I?

~Cadances Paladin.

1. You may post a thread about anything related to Dragons or MLP, or the group, or even game threads.
2. If you make a thread about someone in the group, or on the site in general, that focuses on hating said person, it will be removed and you will receive a strike.
3. Please do not troll in the forums.
4. Three strikes results in a ban.
5. advertisement is only allowed in blog posts.

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to be fair spike is the best dragon in the fandom (ember is a close second) so most dragon based fanfics tend to revolve around him. if you want a good OC dragon just write them! I'm sure you could do it and do it well. :twilightsmile:

I wish there was i'm slightly annoyed all I keep finding is Spike stories why can't there be a OC Dragon anywhere I only found one story with that with a human turning into a Dragon but you never know when the writer will post a new chapter

I've just realized that a story of mine, Rise of Char, was added to this particular group. It was very kind for whomever to do that, but that particular story features a dragon that appears 39 chapters in. It is also a sequel to a previous story that features no dragon. The dragon is a crux to the overall story, but I feel the need to warn any reader that it does take quite a bit of reading to get to it.

Ah, thank you for adding A Shadow Caught In The Sun to the group. I greatly appreciate it very much.

If anyone here is a good writer could you please do a story romance between Spike and Starkiss she's a dragon if you want to find her look up spike x dragon and go to images you'll see her and spike kissing thank you.

We have 666 members.:pinkiecrazy:

I am working on this story that may interest you: The Drakon

Ex master dracologist in aid for anyone with anitomical inquiries anyone done a story about a.....robotic drag.... yet.......

Have anyone did a story about Twilight transform into a dragon a falls in love with another dragon?

Does anyone know if there are groups that are similar to this one but with less Spike?

Hi, I'm new here.

Thanks for Adding my Story to the Club DRAGONS FOREVER !

Hiya, I am new here.
I joined as I realised I have a story about Spike the Dragon here.
For once, as group I don't mind being linked up with.
401407 Makes sense, there is a reason why they are separate tags on the site, Right?

401407 That BS needs to be fixed.........

401386 it's the same with random and slice of life and sad and tragedy being grouped together

401327 ALL of those shouldn't be grouped together, they should all have their own folder....human was just the first thing I saw missing as a single folder.

399724 it's grouped in with alt universe and anthro

Thank you so much for featuring my story! You've got yourself a new member!

  • Viewing 39 - 58 of 58
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