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It's Gala time. · 5:00am January 23rd

The next part of All That We become is going up and it's time for the yearly get together at the Grand Galloping Gala. Vignette interactions and some set up for things to come are on the plate for this story. I hope the series continues to entertain.

EAll That We Become: The Grand Galloping Gala
Celestia has the Gala moved up to accommodate her impending training under Aurelian. Wishing to have a grand get together to celebrate all that has changed over the past year with friends old and new.
Marezinger Z · 7.9k words  ·  18  1 · 524 views
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I've been fine so far. I hope you'll find time to write again soon.

Things have been hectic, mostly a lot of work struggles and stress like everyone else in the world. I check in from time to time on here, still wanting to get back to writing work in the back of my head. Had a death in the family, and another family member I had to help begin the moving process out of state. Been being there for a friend whose marriage ended and playing some games I've been meaning to play. You know, life lol. How about yourself?

I'm looking forward on seeing your sequel of griffonstones. I bet it's going to be great, I'll be willing to how King Gwyn is going to do next. Also, I'm glad to see all the griffins getting along it makes me happy.

Hey, Marezinger Z! TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!

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