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Hi been a while since I posted but I'm thinking of doing a silent hill story specifically homecoming but setting it in the crystal empire (just saying had a tyrannical leader so seems fitting for the games theme of corrupt town elders and pacts with monsters and god's) so I was wondering if anyone would like to be a part of it as a editor my grammar is terrible and I need help

Hello, just joined today. I need help on what I should and what I SHOULDN'T write about.:twilightsheepish:


Is it okay to post a threat that involves me asking this question?

Don't post threats, dude. Threats are bad, mkay?

Uhm... I have a question, but I’m not sure if I should ask in the forum.. it’s just a simple story question involving time. Is it okay to post a threat that involves me asking this question?

(Just want to make sure I’m doing this right)

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Comment posted by MrSpecOps deleted August 28th

Pinkie Pie has a pet alligator. Is she a descendant from pony Australia?

Where do I go to request for artwork for my story?

It's been days and my story still hasn't been approved yet, someone help?

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Hello, I just joined a few days ago, and I am a little lost. I have started something, just playing the be patient and waiting game. But I am still a little lost, If anyone can just give me some pointers as where they think would be a good start for me I'd appreciate it. Or if anyone's willing for a small meet and greet I'd be ok with that. Thank you to whoever reads this.

Hello everyone,

Returning to the site after a four year haitus. Need some help getting back on the horse...

Wait, saying that on a Brony site can be misconstrued. I meant to say -REDACTED FOR SENSITIVITY-

Um, hello everyone. So, I recently joined this community because I'm hoping to find some help with a fan fiction I recently started. The story in question is called The Lucky One. If some of you could please read it and tell me what you think, I'd really appreciate the input. Hope to see some of you soon. Thanks.

Okay, so I don't really know where to go for this, and idk if peole can collab on one story if not I am okay with writing two stories so that one is on each of our accounts maybe they can be prequels so that we can have them linked to one another. But I have a longterm story idea, it is a Dark AU with bothe ponies and humans. Originally it was meant to be a group RP (which I am still open to) but for now I just have a document of all the parts of the ponies and where they are, and I was thinking that maybe we could just each write one chapter each and continue from there and sort of see where it goes, and you can add whatever you want - I don't particularrly enjoy oc's but if it makes the story better then I am okay with it, we would just need to talk before hand so that I don't get confussed XD. So if anyone wanted to do that with me then pm me - the only rule is no smut but death and all that is allowed and if you wanted to make it a crossover then we can discuss that :)
My idea is a google docs and I will give it to you if you are interested in writing with me but for a basic idea the pony world is in a war and each of the mane six have come up with their own logics to deal with the situation which has brought them apart ( the war is due to the return of king sombra) When there is the discovery of another universe, sombra wants to find himself to double his chances of victory and ruling (that's all I am going to say but there is so much more especially when it comes to where the ponies start)

looking for a writer or any kind of helper to help me out with my grammar and with my stories I really suck with my stories so if I can help have someone help me out here I'll go to each of these groups that apparently could help me so yeah next group here I go

What up, mah clip clops?!

That was a long trip to the store.

Hey there, I joined yesterday!

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