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k lemme give you a pm

Thanks for the ideas but this is more like power rangers how they each get a weapon but with them I want the weapon to match their personality and give them a boost for example I'm thinking a wand/staff for twilight that boosts her magic, I have ideas for most of them that sound good the only ones I can't think of a good match for is rarity and fluttershy. If you have any ideas please help

Rarity: A hat. um knives? (I mean Daring Do managed to pull it off) Arrow & bows
Fluttershy: Animals? I imagine her to be more of a medic.
Rainbow Dash: Probably a sword cause its made to kill quickly
Applejack: a hammer like Thor? A scythe?
Pinkie Pie: Party Canon. obviously :pinkiehappy:
Twilight: A book :)

Hello everyone I was wondering what weapons fit the mane six's personalities? And what special power would the give? For example twilight getting a wond/staff that boosts her magic. Also this is for a anthro equestria

Hay I need a pre reader for my first fic can I get some help just pm me

Comment posted by RikkiTheEquineFan deleted September 10th
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A few months back, I accidentally deleted my stories. When I put them all back up (which took awhile), the reaction to them seemed less pleasing. I would like some help and feedback as to how to make them better.

Does anyone have advice as to how to spice them up a bit?


I am in need of some help with posting my first attempt at MLP:FIM fanfic but for whatever reason I keep getting the error of my description is under or over 10,000 characters or something. Can anypony please help me?

Great gr-r-r-r-reetings!

I'm russian brony-writer and this my big (translate) story about Luna's adventure and love - "Moon Rise".

I apologize but the former comment has been moved elsewhere due to the fact that I feel it fell along the lines of breaking rule #5 as well as a form of self promotion.

Please read and share your opinions and criticism for my story.

I wouldn't think that would need a tag at all. Even the show has had babies born offscreen (the baby Cakes and Flurry Heart), and there's no specific tag for pregnancy, so you should be fine.

Tagging question.

If one of the characters in my fanfic has a baby, Off Screen. What should I tag it with. My goal for it is to keep this very PG. Think like how they did in the episode Baby Cakes. Except for AppleJack at one point saying that she is pregnant.

Thoughts? what do you tag it.

I just made my very first fanfic and despite it only being around 1.5k words long, it took me around a year to make because of my lack of patience and just life in general. I want people to share there criticism and opinions on my story because it is my first and I KNOW its terrible but with help I can make it better.

Night of the Killer clones. Please read it. It is my first

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