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my new story has so far been 1 day or 2 i think and not published yet

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I'm new, I need help with one of my stories.

oh ya read for action

Hey guys, been writing since October on my first story, The Ghosts of Equestria which is about a group of human survivors, living in a world where Chrysalis and a few Changelings who didn't betray her who take over America. The survivors run into Twilight, Celestia, Luna and company and join together to overthrow Chrysalis, once and for all. Right now my story has one like and for some reason, 6 dislikes, but all I wish is for people to actually give it a chance! I'm still new to the whole writing fanfiction stuff, and would love if you told me what you thought of it in the comments, instead of disliking it. Thank you for your time.

I posted a fic idea for y’all on the forum hope someone makes something with it :pinkiehappy:

Hello, stalkers.
It's me again, i have a question.
What are types of editor in Fimfic?
(Be advised, i'm only asking the question i asked above. No intention to find any editors here.)

My bit if advice is to keep doing it. Every time you see a well written story, a work of art, a beautifully preformed song. Every one of them is through countless hours of practice. Every once in a great while you will come across a natural talent for one of those things. However, more often than not they had to work for it. I would like to think I am an average writer myself, but the most important thing to remember is to take criticisms, as long as it is done with the intent of helping you improve, they should be welcome. Sometimes they are said to be hurtful, other times they are presented to give insite on to what you can do to improve. I read every comment that is posted on my stories, digging and reaching for sudjestions on how to make the story flow more, how to give it life. Like others have said, the best way to improve your writing is to read. I have read the top 5 longest stories on this site multiple times just to revisit how they are composed so that I might improve on my own writing style. I'm not saying this is mandatory, but look at some the highest rated story's that are available, use them as a resource to look for good tropes that are liked and see how they may fit into one of your ideas. Hope this helps.

And as always. Stay strong and pony on my friend

I think I'm a horrible writer

How do I start?

Oh, terima kasih untuk itu.

Hello there! Idk if someone has already answered your question, but HiE stands for Human in Equestra; stories where usualy the main character is a human living in Euqestria.

It has an oposite counterpart PiE, Pony in Earth

Hope it helps :twilightsmile:

Hello, i'm a new member recently here. I'm Indonesian, but i understand english. Actually i want to ask one thing.

What is HiE category in the folder story list?

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Erm... Hey guys. I haven't logged into this website since... What? 2013?

It's been a long time... :twilightsmile:

would i be brecking any rules on this group if i asked help with finding a story

Having a read now, love this group!

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