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I know you are probable swamped with request but if you can find the time can you check out my comic . The other side part one. they said it wasn't related to the show. and i don't get it

i have a story named family of tanks i really needs some help writing it.

What would be a good word count per chapter

I'm working a superhero pony story. It's called Equestria Super Powered Pony League. Can you guys check it out and tell me what you think about it please? I'd love the input. Also, it is an alternate universe, so keep that in mind.

I got a story idea and need some help branching it. This this a group to post a thread or should I find another?

So I was wondering if I could make a thread asking for some help on some specific stories.

P.S. If I don't get a response from you guys in 3 days I'll post the thread anyway.

It depends on how busy the story approvers might be. This blog explains why some waits are longer than others:

hello, I'm new here and I just submitted my first fanfic. but I was wondering, dose anyone here know how long it takes for stories to be approved on here?

Comment posted by Nightly Malevolence deleted April 26th

I just posted a blog on FiM Fiction that involves MLP lore, or lack thereof.

Since when did we get a new banner?

Hey I need help in writing a book series so if you can then ~ Thanks

Hi, I'm writing a fanfic in a similar world to Fallout Equestria, and I'd like to see if anyone is interested in having one of there characters put in it! All you need is to reply to this thread with a name, small section of backstory, personality, cutie mark, gender, family and relationships and weapon if wanted. I will post a thread on when the list is complete. If yours is chosen, read wingless bird if it is excepted, if you want to read the fic the character is in. See ya':derpytongue2: (the Derpy's just cause I feel like it!)
P.S. Please make sure you haven't used the character before, or entered it to someone else before you post it.

I have a story that has a problem called "readability". Do you think you could take a look at it and fix it?

So is there a reason why I'm getting an error when submitting a story? I'm confused :derpyderp2:


Pictures or it totally didn't happen.

Well played.

im totally a writer

look at my writer fingers

actually you cant because this is on the internet

Hey I put out a SMBZ writing challenge. SMBZ challenge

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