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Erm... Hey guys. I haven't logged into this website since... What? 2013?

It's been a long time... :twilightsmile:

would i be brecking any rules on this group if i asked help with finding a story

Having a read now, love this group!

Comment posted by Frostbite_1_ deleted October 26th

Hello I'm just a simple person with lots of imagination and creativity and I've made 2 groups for it if you go to my profile and view my blog you'll see a link to those groups so if your a writer in need of my help then check those groups and I'll help. P.s. I'm more of a human in Equestria person so if you're going to need help with other types of ideas I'll have some difficulty with that but I'll still try >.<

Queen Zenith requires a proof reader and/or editor. does anyone recommenced someone?

Shouldn't it be common courtesy to allow an author of a forum thread to at least see the replies to his/her thread before It's deleted? If the thread doesn't belong, that's fine. Lock the thread so no one else can comment for maybe 24 hours before deleting it. :twilightangry2:

With that said, I bid this group adieu.

Well... that was a well-laid rickroll. Well played, Writers Group. Well played

I am waiting approval thanks for your help

Comment posted by Crystal Shy2 deleted September 10th
Comment posted by Crystal Shy2 deleted September 10th

Check to make sure it's more than 1000 words, read through the entire submission guidelines page that pops up and check to make sure the story qualifies.

I tried it didn't summit

That's nice, but is the whole story submitted? The story won't become visible by a mere publishing of chapters.

I am staring on chapter four so no

Did you publish the story?
Otherwise, you might have mature filters on.
If that doesn't do it, try searching all the tags on your story without the name.

And did you submit the whole story?

I published three of the chapters

Hmm... and have you already published it?

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