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are there any stories here that different writers decided to crossover their stories im just curious it just suddenly crossed my mind:twilightsheepish:

For my EQG story, the protagonist is an OC whose trained in martial arts since he was little. I'm having trouble creating an establishing character moment for him that shows his skill, while at the same time showing his status as still being a loser who doesn't give up. I already planned out how he gets his Ki abilities, and the rules of said powers in this story are built from the ground up to fit within the EQG world.

Need some help. I'm writing an EQG story with a focus on action, martial arts, and magic/Ki powers, and I was wondering what some good reliable methods for writing fight scenes would be. I'm asking this because I don't want a bunch of my chapters to keep describing more or less the same attacks again and again.

I am here and I shall stay

Hello is anyone down to roleplay im doing one with a human adopted son with rainbow dash and twilight as the mothers dm my discord if you’d like to role play ShadowSinister665#1700

Wait!If I log out of my account,Will my account and story’s still be there?

Depends entirely on your school's policy on email use. I know that up until I graduated, my school email was locked to prevent any emails from outside the school district from appearing in my inbox, so I have a few personal emails that I use instead.

1,I’m 14.
So I can use the email address of my school

...No? How old are you, anyway? I don't think I ever asked my parents when I made my own email account back in elementary school.

Like what!?Do i have to ask my mom!?When it said registration complete,I can’t find my account!

Are you using the same email as your current account? You have to use a different email address.

I’m saying my email address didn’t work when I tried doing it on my phone many times.Nothing happened!Why!?

That’s why mine didn’t work when I tried to do it on my phone.What other email address is there.

You just make a new account a second time. I think at most you just need to have a second email address.

So what an I do the the account to make an alternate account

make an alternate account. There aren't any restrictions except for what you do with the account.

What can I do to make an alternate account

Hello all,

I'm a writer/poet who experiments in the verse novel format (a cross between poem and narrative fiction).

It is a little different but then I enjoy it and would like to share it with you. I hope you consider giving it a chance :)

I've pasted a link to my adaptation of the Cough in Verse below. It is written in mostly iambic pentameter rhyming lines.

The Cough in Verse

can I post a thread on writing help here or would it be best to comment?

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