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may someone please give me advice on how to write dialogue?

How I can create my own group with the name ?

Pet Lover
Can cane corso puppies for sale make your health better?
Will also appreciate anyone stopping by my blog.

Hello, would someone be so kind as to pass me a story with the plot of how Pinkie feels that she is worthless so she separates from the group of friends but then her friends convince her that she is worth something? pls :pinkiesad2:

How to get a violence and gore tag?

Looking for an old fic, probably written S1-3.

Rarity finds out she's pregnant, and as Spike is the Father the baby is a hybrid.

She sends Spike, who was in the Dragon City (I forget as to why) a letter telling him hes bing to be a dad.
Spike hit a gem-stir fry stall and talks to the chef about it and the chef reveals he Also has a half dragon half pony kid and how rare it is.

Thank's for that, have a good day :pinkiehappy:

click the >>>> on the right side of their comment.

How can I reply to someone?

He explained 5 methods of montage: 1 Metric – cutting shots together based on exact measure or length of time, disregarding the length kohls charge and content of the shot. 2 Rhythmic (aka Continuity Editing) – cutting based on the content of the ... 3 Tonal – cutting based on tones within the shots

Comment posted by stevenDs123 deleted Dec 14th, 2021

Yeah the minute you logged in that info is there. I think it stored in their computers somewhere. By the way does anyone know any human in equestria stories where they don't become a pony.

How do i make my own group on here

I not to long ago finished watching wwe survivor series live some was good and some not

I am currently working on an Anon-a-Miss story. But if anyone has any ideas on what they think happens next I love to hear it because I having a bit of writers block and I don't want 500 chapters in the end if I can help it.

God it's hard looking for inspiration these days especially when your trying to write a chapter

Hello Everypony! I got a really... different fanfic. It's called the Iron Guard and happens inbetween the episode, 'One last thing' before the song but after everything else. I can't rEAlly describe it. Check it out! It's called 'The Iron Guard : Part I'
P.S. Its complete.

Hi anyone like too read my story before anyone else private messages me.
My story it's called the house of Ackerman a aot crossover story

I have a story that needs proof reading if enyone is interested

What simbal is a quotation mark

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