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Friday Night Magic · 6:29pm November 23rd

So yesterday I went back to Friday Night Magic after several years away, at Dark Sphere in Waterloo, which has not changed at all (it's still this sort of half-gaming store, half-warehouse that lives underneath a railway line). And this time, I took my younger brother, who, aside from one practice game, had never played Magic (but is familiar with the conventions of collectible card games).

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Hi there! I'm a brony from London, England. I like to code, and I write stories sometimes. I'm the founder of the Silver Spoon group, and the creator and maintainer of PonyMTG, an online database and archive of Brony-made Magic: the Gathering cards. I also do Random Reviews, a weekly series where I review 5 Fimfiction fics randomly selected by a computer program. [Series currently on hold].

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My favourites

Favorite pony: Limestone Pie
Favorite Mane Six pony: Applejack
Favorite princess: Celestia
Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader: Apple Bloom
Favorite foal: Silver Spoon
Favorite background pony: Vinyl Scratch
Favorite ship: Rarijack
Favorite pet: Boulder
Favorite (biological) pet: Angel Bunny
Favorite fan animation: Turnabout Storm
Favorite fan animation short: Lyra's Gift
Favorite MLP abridged series: Scootertrix the Abridged

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Thank you for your interest.

I see you read “Operation:Sleepover”. I’m happy you like it. I have other stories posted if you’re interested.

There could be, since I can think of at least two offhand, though I'm only an admin in one of them. But no, I'm thinking of Babs as the fourth crusader, and then Gabby would probably qualify as a fifth...

--Sweetie Belle

ohhhhhhh, I thought you meant there were 4 Cutie Mark Crusader groups ^^

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