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A cynical old dog of the fandom who has become apathetic to the state of things. Still willing to give a debate if an ear listens and willing to return tactful courtesty. Stories currently cancled.

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I've unbanned you from the Fo:E forums. I still vaguely remember what happened all those years ago, but I don't think you deserve to be perma-banned for it.

I know this is mega late ^^ But thank you so much for watching me, i'm glad you enjoy my stories and hope you continue to!-FE:heart:

Good sir, have some wisdom from me

"Lazy is only lazy if you work really hard to do nothing"

1597003 There's not a lot else profile pages' comments are used for. Most of the actual discussion takes place on story or blog pages, after all.

Oh my god, are all 49 pages of these comments just 'thanks for the fav/watch'? How can you live like this?

  • Viewing 239 - 243 of 243
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