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A cynical old dog of the fandom who has become apathetic to the state of things. Still willing to give a debate if an ear listens and willing to return tactful courtesty. Stories currently cancled.


Journal Log · 8:23pm Dec 27th, 2014

This blog post will serve as somewhat of a semi-private journal of sorts.
Semi-private in the way that it is still being posted as public, but without the expectation or intention that anyone will read it.

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Staying Off the Forums for a While · 10:45am Oct 28th, 2014

After my vitriolic, admittedly off based rant on the Fallout Equestria forums, I believe I shall abstain from participation until things have cooled off. I know when I screwed things up, and boy did I ever do so here. Hopefully this will give me a few months to think about some stuff until some heads have cooled, namely mine.

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Request For Assistance: How and What Makes a Description Compelling? · 12:15pm May 15th, 2014

I will apologize in advance if this post goes off into a mindless rambling. My thoughts are somewhat unsystematic in how I approach things.
This post may or may not devolve into a long tl;dr (Too long, didn't read) mumblings of a dense moron whose claim to fame is your typical, if somewhat unorthodox shipping of Applejack and Spitfire. (If only there was a wy to save drafts of blogs and guides on how to outline and that jazz. Oh well.)

Anyway, back on topic.

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Complete Stupidity: Or How I Manage to Get Blocked By PSP For Being Overly Hateful and Despicable · 11:04pm Mar 18th, 2014

... Pfft, I had it coming to me eventually, and this is hardly the first of my activities even managing to both disgust and horrify reasonable people, of whose opinions drive me to rant in an unreasonable manner.

For instance, this blog post by PSPMaster7.
I <3 Mr Putin

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A Pop of an Imaginative, Corney Ending for Fanfic: Princess Celestia The Changeling Queen · 8:47pm Oct 22nd, 2013

Well... For whatever reason, my muse decided to drum up this little scenario I have pasted below.
Make what you will of it. Just know that this came from a deranged madman.

Who knows?
Maybe part of it could be stripped for parts for the actual story.


Alternia is mind raped into despair.

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Baneless Stupidity. · 1:47pm Oct 17th, 2013


Just bloody brilliant.

Thread locked, no end result.
No time for explanation.

Just bloody brilliant.

If only I can post the thread itself, only now deleted.

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Any Ideas on How to Evaluate One's Own Story? · 5:54pm Sep 23rd, 2013

Me? I am just plain plumb out of luck.
I have two stories currently on the back burner, waiting to be written further more.
But by Celestia, I cannot see anything but my own work staring me straight in the eyes, not some story that needs to be judged from an objective perspective.

Hell, I already went and got a detailed review from mlpchan in depth as to the problems of my story, down right to the details of how a simple rewording here and there can make all the difference.

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I have accidentally cut half my left middle finger nail. · 2:00am May 8th, 2013

And it is bleeding rather excessively. Goes to show that playing with sharp objects lead to a very bloody- oops... Got a bit of blood on the keyboard. Seeped through the tissue paper. Typing difficult.

Any advice?

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The EOC... Rant · 5:17pm Apr 3rd, 2013

Can seriously go fuck itself in a tin can.
Four hours of doing NOTHING after tests are finished is almost complete
bullshit. Fucking hell, I am just very fucking agitated. You do not know what boredom is like
until you have to sit in a fucking room for four hours doing ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING!

And NOW they are letting off the leash, with only thirty minutes to spare?

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An INTP/ISTP In Need of a Plot Bash · 3:48pm Jan 8th, 2013

Good, now that I have your attention gentlemen, allow me to elaborate on the reason for the title.
I am having trouble with actually trying to create the actual content of the story. You know, the chapters, the actual words. I can formulate a decent plot certainly if given enough details as to what is required, sure.

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