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That's a lotta damage!



In the Northern Wasteland, a dying stable is the least of anypony's problems - for outside those stable doors, only darkness awaits...

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Me trying to write my story and manage school work at the same time


About Me

I’m a college student who writes and draws pony stuff on the side. I also write and draw original work, too. Additionally, I moderate the main Fallout: Equestria group forums on this site, and the Fallout: Equestria Wiki.

If you have any questions pertaining to Fallout: Equestria, whether they are about writing (in general) or about the story itself, feel free to ask me. Or you can visit the Fo:E group and consult the numerous writing resources I’ve written and or compiled there.


Where I've been the last few months · 4:10am February 10th

Hello my followers and readers.

It's been a long while since my last story update, or my last blog. That's because I've been extremely busy and stressed out in the last four months. I still am. I'm graduating this year, and my classes haven't gotten any easier. Especially this quarter. How dumb of me to take an elective class for fun on top of several upper division classes.

Sigh. I don't wanna live anymore.

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Changelings in Rising Dawn · 11:03am Oct 10th, 2016

Changelings have been in Rising Dawn since Chapter 2.


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srry about the trouble regarding that thread there :twilightblush: forgot about that rule

2332059 You're welcome!

Reminds me of stuff, and it's a great story. I couldn't not fave it. :twilightsmile:


Yeah, I'm fine, thanks for asking. School's tough so I've been focusing on that lately. I'm still alive. Mostly.

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