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The next time that never came · 2:00pm Feb 18th, 2019

Hello my readers and followers!

If you're still following me and or my work, I'd like to let you know where I've been since my last update... I explained my situation quite thoroughly in my last blog, but I want to update you all on my absence.

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No problem man and will do! I'm currently struggling with writing my story due to some problems (ADD) which isn't exactly the best for writing long stories, but I'm slowly slowly trying to achieve my underwhelming dream of making an F:OE Fanfic!


What a comment to wake up to... I read this the day after you posted, but didn't actually know what to say. It makes me happy knowing that my work has both inspired and helped someone, somewhere to write their own fiction. I'm glad that my Survival Guide was able to be of some help.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and if you ever need help, shoot me a message me anytime :twilightsmile:

It's been... gosh almost 3 years since I've been online.

I remember reading your story during that time and vividly remembering it inspire me to write my own stories for a year or so. Since then, I have stopped writing all things fanfiction but really wish to continue my passion I had.

Why I write this comment today, about 2 and a half years after my original comment to you, is to thank you for everything you have done for me indirectly. Your writings have inspired me even more to pursue an itching dream I have always wanted to fulfill.

Oh yeah, also thanks for that FO:E Survival Guide, it really helped me then and is definitely helping me now!

srry about the trouble regarding that thread there :twilightblush: forgot about that rule

2332059 You're welcome!

Reminds me of stuff, and it's a great story. I couldn't not fave it. :twilightsmile:


Yeah, I'm fine, thanks for asking. School's tough so I've been focusing on that lately. I'm still alive. Mostly.

You've been pretty quiet since the whole Reddit thing. You doing OK?

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dam your new icon is badass XD


I was actually using Fallout 3's cover as a reference, but Tactics' cover sort of does look similar to mine.

Thanks! I hope you were able to learn something, and wish you good luck when you write yours. I've been intending to add a few more pieces of advice to the thing, but I've been busy with school and stuff to get around doing it.

Anyways, thank again for the watch, and I hope you enjoy my story if you ever get around to reading it :twilightsmile: I'm planning on publishing two new chapters real soon.

For starters, your awesome tips on writing Fallout: Equestria sidefic make me actually want to try my hand with frantic in general. I normally write original flash fiction. Also your story sounds awesome and may end up being one of the few FO:E sidefics I read. So really just a strong hunch that you're worth following. :)

I dont mind at all! Go right ahead!! :-)


Thanks for the watch! Also I saw both of the pics you drew - they look amazing! I love them :heart:

Do you mind if I blog about them here?

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