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To take a blank piece of paper and, from nothing, create a story, is the closest one can get to the powers of God.

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I quite enjoy it xD

Awesome account icon XD


No problem! :twilightsmile: I'm always on the lookout for a good FoE read

Thanks for the fave on Wasteland Bouquet!:pinkiehappy:


Sweet, hope you enjoy it and maybe you'll get some ideas. :twilightsmile:

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My goals for this account · 6:01pm Sep 4th, 2014

After finally giving in to my inner Brony and deciding to meet some of the wonderful fandom online (as there are none where i live) i realize that i want to actually do something to contribute to the fandom in some way, especially to the fanfic that galvanized me to actually start reading fanfics and get back into writing: Fallout: Equestria by the amazing writer Kkat. This brought me to a question that i've been asking

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