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You know it was because of Fallout: Equestria that I started playing the fallout games
I read the fics and I thought maybe I should try playing the games so I did and have loved them ever since:twilightsmile:

for the first time I truly finished the original Fallout Equestria, and my god I hate that I love it a much as I do. it is honestly the hardest read that I have Ever had to do. It is a tragedy of a book, no pony deserved such things that happened, and little pip, dear sweet Celestia, I wanted her to be happy not give herself for ponies who, I mean its just so stupid..... she gave and gave and gave, and in the end she gave so much she had nothing left of her self to even save herself. The book was brutal in its execution of telling a story, warm when it wanted to be and cold as a winter when it needed to be.

It shielded it main characters for only as long as they could and in the time that it was time to need their story it did so with no hesitation, it was a story of sacrifice even if the characters didn't know that end, they would give themselves for everything.

it is one of the most emotional damaging books I have ever read, and maybe it just hit to hard for some reason, it is honestly the hardest I have ever cried, no wept at a novel and not even the end. There was time I just wished to pull myself through the pages to save anyone I could, not just in the wasteland but the pre-war as well.

As much as I hate some of the characters for what they brought They didn't deserve what they got... none of them did. It is the great fanfiction that I will ever truly hate reading and finishing, it was a masterpiece of writing.

Here's the steam workshop link if anyone is wondering what it is ;)

You guys hear about bale fire blues for hoi4


Your mature filter is probably on. It's happened to me a couple times. Here's a direct link to PH, it's still there.


Fallout Equestria and Fallout Equestria Project horizens are gone! I Can't find them anywhere!

I only just started reading Fallout Equestria 2 days ago and i liked it already. i got huge interests with Littlepip, Velvet Remedy, and Blackjack. I wonder when will somepony make a story about the Main Six finding themselves in the wasteland.

Usually Crossover fics are awful, however This fic has been one of my favorite stories I have ever heard in my life, I can't stop coming back to it.

I love Fallout, and MLP. But haven't read Fallout Equestria yet. I definatly plan on reading it though. I might want to write a side story if my ideas dont break canon.

I read a fallout equestrian fic once, and it was incredible:scootangel:! I don't know if I'll write one myself, but I'll give it some thought:ajsmug:.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself, new to the site in general and figured this group would be the best to join first, given my current project.

On a related note, how long does it normally take the mods to check a piece before posting it? I would like to start posting chapters on a set schedule, but need to know how much lead time is needed so it gets put up when I'm intending. General aim is Tuesday/Thursday evenings.

Any help would be appreciated!


Um, hello? I’m new to fimfiction, and really feeling lost. The other day I made a comment somewhere (I can’t recall exactly where); and not only can I not find the place I posted.... I can’t even find anything in the faqs to help me.

Could maybe someone take pity on me and pm me with any help?

How do you know if someone’s responded to a comment, do you get a notice?

And does Kkat still visit here? After finishing Fo E; I just kind of wanted to thank her for the story.


so. i read fallout equestria a long time ago. i recently re read it. it is still amazing. toodles.

This is hugely helpful to my project, thank you for posting it!

Comment posted by sunspots deleted Aug 28th, 2018
Comment posted by Uhhmandaa deleted Aug 28th, 2018

From the writer's guide:

In-Universe Resources

- Dannykat's' Ultimate Fo:E Guide (WIP) -

A comprehensive guide to the Fo:E universe. It covers material canon to Fo:E, only, and is more succinct, accurate, and trustworthy than the wiki. I suggest stopping by here and the other guide/timeline first before going on a fact-finding mission on the wiki.

- Fallout: Equestria - Pre-War Timeline -

A timeline that accurately lists all of the Pre-War and Wartime Era events mentioned in Fallout: Equestria in chronological order. Use this timeline as a reference to make sure you aren't breaking Fallout: Equestria canon.

- The Fallout: Equestria Wiki -

Need to look up some information from the story? Go to the wiki. You must be aware that only information from Kkat's Fallout: Equestria is actually canon to the story. All other articles are fanon from sidestories and are not canon. So be careful as some articles may not be labeled correctly.

As a general rule of thumb, articles that have the suffix (Insert Sidestory Name Here) in parentheses are not canon. Additionally, articles about Kkat's Fallout: Equestria often have non-canon sections with information about other sidestories in them. These non-canon sections are usually labeled by a heading that states the sidestory's name, or are specified to not be canon in bold or larger font.

Here are lists of articles that concern canon characters from Kkat's Fallout: Equestria:

(ArtisticMink is working on a new Wiki Category for Canon Articles, among many other things. We'll see how this develops as the days go by, and this list will change accordingly.)

- Main Characters

- Minor Characters

- Pre-War Characters

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