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I commend my soul to any god that can find it" Moist von Lipwig, momenst before meeting an angel


Serious blargh! · 10:44am October 18th

Damn how I just love my depression, sucking all of my motivation away for anything. Can't even get myself to read anything, even with a whole day at work where nothing happens and the boss is out of the store. God I hate this head of mine now and then

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Ouch! Great news, but the boxes are always the worst bit. And there is always one box that you think, “meh, I cannot be arsed with that,” and leave it for ages ;P

We did just officially sign off the old apartment like 15 min ago, so we have now fully moved in, and things are going fine. Still lacking a lot of energy, making, literary 1000lbs of IKEA furniture is a bitch

What I actually meant to ask was; how did your move go? :D hope you’re settling into your new home nicely

Look what I’m trying to say is chayn said I should rewatch seasons one and two and at least read a few chapters before chapter 2. I did and I think I might have a concept for chapter 2: it will be in silver spirit’s perspective because I ihink it would really slow down the pacing showing what the world feels like to his perspective. I also know that there are some consequences that will need to be dealt with after finishing the chapter

I do still not know what you are talking about...

  • Viewing 142 - 146 of 146
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