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hi everypone I'm Soul sorrow <3 Subscribe for good reads ;)

Comments from fans <3

urban Love:
"This is a modern story of our times."
"I don't know if you did it on purpose but you wrote something very entertaining to read."

Love in The City:
"i didnt reed it bur i luv it <3<3<33"
"This was another tour de force that blew my breaths away. "

Fallout Equestria: Dream of Darkness:
"Every new chapter fills me with excitement. "
"You are the best writer I have ever seen. An upvote for you!"
"I drew a fanart of this story I just love it so much I hope that's okay :2"

Love Bleeding:
"this was a true heart weranch ing tale of love and loss and murder mystery and despari. I liked the apple juice part and the farm barn part and all the other parts."
"I cried many tears until Fluttershy made it all better by playing Animal Crossing."

creepy Pasta:
"A few spelling errors, but other than that this story was AWSUM!"
"you are the best kind of person"

The Magical Egg:
"you're literally the best person ever"
"Whoa I missed this one and I didn't know I was missing it until I missed it.
The Johnny tree house party was my favorite part except for the ending and the chase scene those were also my favorites"
"I hbeard a buffalo screech one time."

Alicorn fluttershy
"I lied it and I liked the ending. Love every minute! I like the solid truths in the story too like how even if it's true love, it won't work out if the dude is ugly. Not enough stories on here have truths like that."

The Surprise Inside
"The modern Fleming of our generation, this writer has provided to us fiction unparalleled in both the amateur and professional worlds."

Catastrophy Domestica
"Holy :ajsmug: this I ss on a whorl new level than before. It's psychological and gots at least three layers to depth. My only regret is it took me so long to get back to these and read the new ones of these gain."

Cave In The Cake
"I cried. Brilliant story."
"It's like the ending of Pulp Fiction, but way better."

Origen of Saint Patrick
"Oh god my sides, this is the funniest thing I've ever read."
"Your writing is amazing. :D"
"Don't listen to the naysayers, this is exquisite. :)"

Cell-iPhone Dilemma
"Have a like. This is better than most sh*t I see on here"
"I love you. :ajsmug:"
"That was ..... utterly glorious. Thank you, you've made my day."

The Easter Miracle
"I ebjoyed thiss mosterful wrok of proase ="


This is a series call "eternal love" its a romance about zecora and ...well Youll find out ;)
PS sad panda website crashed so most of the images in the chapters got deltted ......i hate sadpanda I use imgur now bcause that site wont crash. Im really Angery about it so dont ask....
PS this is un published, it is bcause ONLY serious readeers should read it...... it was my First work so if u think its bad, justa warning... Anywayz its not in my Story list you HAVE To click the links to read. plz let me know if there is a issue lol

Havent read it???????????!?!?!?!?!??!?~!? well go read it!!!!!!!1!!!1!!
part1: "our paths will cross again"
part2: 'back to life"
part3: "the corpse code"
part4: "deathly ever after"'
Part5: "return from death"

please read it, tanks <222222


2 NEW STORYS · 4:36am May 7th

HEY GUYS I JUST POST 2 NEW STORYS!!!!!!! one is call taco night its a little slice of life ;) one is across the universe its a big cross over sory. check em out please and thanks :)
also I bin making content for me and my friends youtube channel called Sakura Sorrpow Productions, check it out :)

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LMAFO same I am home boys Lol I will write some stores soon but i gots . ta catch up on mlp


YES I am have returned. From the depths of despair to the light of victory!

Oh snap it’s the first comment on your profile in 3 1/2 years!!!


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