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  • 183 weeks
    Location Change

    So everyone, the original location of Haven was to the South East of Equestria, but due to extensive research and just plane looking at the map, I have changed the main location of the Kingdom of Haven to the Far West. This will allow far more leanecy in writing in the future. But this won't change where the locations were in the past. I will just have the Kingdom of Haven being summoned in the West. And let magic do it charm. Now there will be some installations that will stay in places. Like

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  • 184 weeks
    The Fallen Warrior - A Character idea

    So I have just watch an add while watching a video online. It was for PragerU. An add for memorial day here in the US. It told a story of a soldier throughout the major conflicts we had. And it was really amazing the acting in it. But it got me thinking. An American soldier, one that reincarnated every time he died. He would reincarnate and fight for his country in the next war, taking what he learned from the last one in the next one. But finally he dies and reincarnates in Equestria.

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  • 187 weeks
    The Golden DJ Second Ending

    So was thinking, but first, read chapter three of the story before going forward....Okay? You did it? GREAT!

    Now, I was think that he would return to the village in the past and live there for the remainder of his days. And when he comes back, he sings Home Again by Blackmore's Night.

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  • 200 weeks
    First Con

    So I went to my first convention today. Had the time of my life. Saw cosplays and looked around. Then LARPed with some people and had fun. Hit too many people in the throat. Geez they were short. Heh

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  • 202 weeks
    "The Dreamer's Door" By 4EverFreeBrony Song

    I was just listening to the song that is the title of this blog an thought. Several times. Wouldn't it be interesting to write a story where the Main 6 find a door. The Dreamer's Door, and open it. Leading them into the world of the fandom. Of where all of the fans, and famous ones too, lived in. From the cutesy ones to the dark, grimdark, like The Lost Narrator.

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Thanks for the fave!

That sounds like it would have been wonderful

Yeah, that was left on the inker, didn't it? Nightwalker and I wrote a couple of stuff in the other sketchbook (the original for 'Actually, I'm Dead'), but never put it on the released one for 'I, Monster'.

The concept we had for the most time was that after dying again to a religious cult, Trixie would finally meet Hope. Since she would be an avatar of darkness by that point, thus fully entangled with 'the other side', she would be able to see her mother instead of 'The Bone Mare' disguise. It would have been short, but still enough for them to reconcile (Hope didn't abandon her more than she was forced into the role) and Trixie would leave able to remember the encounter.

It was quite a fun read. I truly enjoyed the journey. I especially love the world you built. I only wish was that Trixie could have met her mother. Like truly meet her

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