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Author, Historian, Grad Student, Fallout Fan, Fisherman, Texan. If I don't know it, I will find out.

Ruby Palace Information - July 2022 Updated

Ruby Palace is a huge undertaking. I am 30 linear chapters in with a ton of other non-linear chapters written as well. I am unsure when it will be released. The goal is to be far enough ahead that even with grad school and editing the chapters, my editor and I are able to keep the releases coming once a week, like Aincrad was released. We will be releasing small vignette stories, looking at the girls preparing to go to Japan for their foreign exchange semester, so that its not entirely silent from me while the main story is worked. There is no scheduled releases for the vignettes.


Upstream Error & Personal Update · 11:00pm 6 days ago

Well, it looks like FimFic fixed whatever it was. They are back! I'm still bouncing between new job prep and packing. lol
I'm sure you have noticed that many of the banners and dividers are currently unavailable. I have no idea what is going on with imgur. I have never seen an "Upstream Error before." If y'all know, let me know.

Otherwise I'm in the middle of prepping for a move that pushed up two weeks while also starting a 9-5 job next week. So bouncing around a bit.

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Five more days can't wait

*turns foal sized from the boop*:twilightsmile:

Thanks! I appreciate it. *Boop*

Just dropping yopu a friendly hello! *boops* and a boop too!

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