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Soccer - Aincrad Excerpt! · 1:09am November 21st

Excerpt From Episode 81 - Coming Tuesday!

There were no SAO Soccer gifs.

Bladescape was lounging at the top of the stands, by the edge. Her butt was on the floorboard, while a pillow protected her back from the bench behind her. Her legs were draped over the bench in front, nestling her nicely between the boards.

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I would gladly flip places with you, except for this stupid paper. I don't have time for that work. lol. But I miss the family.

Sounds a lot better then mine will go. I have to fix Turkey and ham for 10 people plus several different casseroles and dressings, mashed potatoes, and a few pies and cheesecakes. I have a lot of cooking for the next few days.

Hide? lol. It used to be 12-18 at the dinner table, now it is down to 3...so boring. Our local grocery store chain makes premade meals that you just have to heat up. For 4 and 8. A small turkey, several sides, everything we need for a full dinner, without three of us trying to do all that prep in two houses, which none of us have time for.

Then, back to writing the paper I am behind on!


Any plans for Thanksgiving mindrop?

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