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Ruby Palace - Info · 11:00pm April 6th

This was in the special announcement. There are two teasers linked below.

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I will list out the answers. Thanks for the silent support!
1: It will still be rated T. I can easily imply the adult stuff without crossing that line.
2: When I played the card of Blade forgetting her age, I wasn't expecting Klein to become such a major character. It held up in the moment, but not later.
3: It may be Pinkie Pie, but SAO puts a damper on holidays and birthdays. It is a painful reminder as to what they are missing outside of the game with friends and family. Especially in the first six months to a year, where 1: many of the players are either putting all of their energy into clearing. 2: or they are trying to level up to get there. 3: or they are just trying to survive and make some sort of living so they are no so scared, or hungry, have shelter, and be less miserable. 4: The others who are too afraid to leave and/or hiding are just mentally gone anyway and don't recover in game. Things start shifting after that first year, but not before then. If birthdays were celebrated, with the Wondercolts 2.0, that would average to a birthday each week. Also, many players won't give out those details; both because it breaks game etiquette and because it reminds them what they are missing.
4: The major advantage that Aincrad gave me, outside of it being a great story, was that it worked out a lot of things I would do differently. If I went full AU, I never would have added in Klein like I will, or Agil, Argo, etc. I worked out things in Aincrad and it will make Ruby Palace better, specifically if you look at it like Aincrad was an earlier draft. I learned what worked, what didn't, and how to improve within the world of Aincrad.
5: I was expecting some support, hoping for more, and got more than I expected. It is why I am even doing Ruby Palace. We will just need to promote the crap out of it!
6: And the setting of Ruby Palace will make it actually feasible to continue into ALO or GGO if I so choose. I am a grad student, so my time is limited and by the time I am done with Ruby Palace, I will probably also be at my Thesis stage.

Hey minddrop, is Ruby Palace going to be rated T still, or are you going to bump it up to rated M? Cause I was kind of hoping to see lessa and Kiefer actually get married, and Bladescape said she would tell them about the age restriction setting once they got married. I also kind of wanted to see Blade and Klein actually get together and maybe even combine their guilds. The other thing is in my opinion Blade forgetting her age and that's why they didn't get together was a somewhat flimsy in universe excuse, I can understand why that would happen, but with pinkie pie? Nah fam, she would make sure there was a bday party thrown for all members of the guild. I loved Aincrad, was a kind of silent supporter from the beginning, and cannot wait for Ruby Palace, I feel you seriously limited yourself by not making Aincrad a AU story in the first place, but like you said, it was supposed to be 20 chapters tops, bet you weren't expecting all the support to such an amazing story. And I hope you continue Ruby Palace into ALO and GGO, I feel Ruby Palace might be easier to continue into those than Aincrad would be.

Ok thanks I feel good now.👍

Correct. The final count for publish entries on FimFic will be 104, while it is 105 on AO3.

So to clarify on FIM it’s going to be 104 and on AO3 it’s 105.

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