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Ruby Palace Information - July 2022 Updated

Ruby Palace is a huge undertaking. I am 30 linear chapters in with a ton of other non-linear chapters written as well. I am unsure when it will be released. The goal is to be far enough ahead that even with grad school and editing the chapters, my editor and I are able to keep the releases coming once a week, like Aincrad was released. We will be releasing small vignette stories, looking at the girls preparing to go to Japan for their foreign exchange semester, so that its not entirely silent from me while the main story is worked. There is no scheduled releases for the vignettes.


Double Whoops! · 4:16am May 16th

Did I have even more trouble this week with the episodes? Yes, yes I did. :facehoof:

I skipped adding Episodes 63, dropping 64 before it. I rectified this by adding 63 and ensuring they are in order. So, yes, y'all got two episodes due to my incompetence. :duck:

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Yeah. The name did not immediately start out as SAO. I was not looking at the covers. Lol. But I was looking for something a little clearer. ELO is not immediately recognizable. Now it is. Lol.

werid as only reason i knew of it was because it appeared in the new stories feed lol

It took me a while to find it. Their chapter release dates are very mismatched for being released recently. 7.5 years off.

seems like theres a new MLP X SAO fic on the block lol!

Well I'm super happy to hear you graduated from your education! It's not really any of my business of course, but happy nevertheless! I know I for one will be keeping a lookout for whatever decision you make regarding the book, along with any of your other content. Hope your holiday plans are turning out good too!

  • Viewing 158 - 162 of 162
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