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We're a group devoted to triple crossovers in the Fallout Equestria universe.
1. Love and Tolerate: Even if we originally made that up to troll I still live by it. Don't bash someone's story because of its subject matter you don't like what they 're putting in Foe don't click. Don't like FoE why are you even at this group?
2. Crossovers Only: If its another series you're bringing into the wasteland fine but as far as I'm concerned FoE is a universe unto its self and therefor if its just an FoE story doesn't need crossover tag so doesn't need to be here.
3. Have Fun: We're dedicated to having another story put into the FoE universe. Go crazy with it I want unique ideas put in here like GTA during pre-war times or Samurai Jack.
4. Share Ideas: There's to many things to cross into Fallout Equestria for anyone to do on their own. I've come up with at least five. This group should be a discussion ground for possible crossover ideas, looking for someone to help you, or giving someone an idea because you can't do it yourself for one reason or another.
5. Try and keep on topic: After the great forum spam of 2-7-14 between myself and another user I must ask that any and all forum post's keep on topic of the original forum. You may go off topic two or three times but try and keep it related. Otherwise you may end up annoying someone in the future when they just want to see what the forum was about.

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Hi, thought I'd join since my only fanfic on this site to date is a Fallout: Equestria crossover. So... yeah, shameless plug is shameless :D

Fallout: Equestria - The Hogwarts Chronicles

As the name implies, it's a Harry Potter crossover, one of two in existence from what I know. It got, as stated in the description, inspired by Harry Potter and the Crystal Empire but aside from the idea of dropping Hogwarts into Equestria of any kind, it is it's own thing and I'm proud of that.

Hey there, I am pretty new to this brony thing and even newer to Fallout Equestria (only finished it yesterday) I am super excited to read other fics just like it since I am a fan of violent ponies. Anyway what I am trying to say is nice to meet you all!

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Two words:
Rockman Zero.
Wait, you're not Japenese, so,
Three Words:
Mega Man Zero.

I just thought about it but wouldn't a the last airbender crossover be cool.

Its gona be fun on the bun.:moustache:

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