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This is a group for those who like FO:E, but with human or anthro characters! Feel free to post stories of FO:E or FO:E related fic and unlike some other groups....we accept all kinds!

Just a few rules:

Be respectful to each other that's standard.

No insults or stealing.

And finally, if you are gonna use any character from any of the FO:E stories, please give credit to the original creator if they are not yours.

That is all!

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I wish there were more stories sadly I suck at making them

349839 Yeah I know. Unfortunately, I am suffering from writer's block so I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately.


I am dissapoint at the number of stories.

You forgot the "No Humans allowed" Rule.

You know... it's probably prudent to actually have some type of story in the stories folder before you go live with a fic group.

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