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Just a bisexual writer who writes for fun. Enjoy my story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/507767/fallout-equestria-lionheart

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  • 35 weeks
    I wrote a new story!

    And this time, it's a parodic new take on the classic brony story! If you don't write at least one story like this in your lifetime are you really a brony?

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  • 60 weeks
    So many mass shootings...

    55% of shootings in 2022 did not have a perp identified, but the rest... https://mass-shootings.info/index.php?year=2022

    With this in mind, I think it would be reasonable to say American schools should have at least one armed security guard each. Perhaps a cop? But not the Uvalde type. Cops should raise their standards for what type of person they're willing to hire and trust with authority.

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  • 71 weeks
    Generosity and Kindness

    An act of generosity and kindness nearly moved me to tears today. At the store someone saw how little I had in my hands compared to him and offered to let me go before him. I said thank you but my card was declined (I forgot I'm paid fridays now, not mondays) so I bought some crab sticks with the few coins left in my wallet (only thing I could afford with the cash on me) and told them to give the leftover penny to charity. The man behind me then called me back and paid for my weekly groceries,

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  • 126 weeks
    "Dawn" aka Twilight Sparkle aka Dawn aka "Twilight Sparkle"

    This is how Twilight Sparkle looks in her "Dawn" disguise during the events of Fallout Equestria: Lionheart

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  • 127 weeks
    I disabled my story's ratings

    I want comments. Comments are for writers.

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I wrote a new story! · 6:52am Sep 25th, 2023

And this time, it's a parodic new take on the classic brony story! If you don't write at least one story like this in your lifetime are you really a brony?

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A Capitalist and a Socialist are walking together and approach a homeless man.

The Socialist turns to the Capitalist and says "Give me $5, I'm going to help that person"

The homeless man stands up, angry and shouts at the Capitalist "Five dollars! You raised my rent so high I had nowhere to live, you raised the cost of medicine beyond my ability to afford so that I went broke trying to save the life of my child - who died anyway - you offshored the last of the jobs I could actually do to use overseas slave labor for profit, and that left me broke, sick, mourning and without a roof over my head - and last I heard, you are using your money to eliminate any social program that could help me recover from what you did to me - and you want to throw me a measly five???"

The Capitalist turns to the Socialist and says "I literally haven't said anything yet in this joke, even before the author copied it and changed the ending to be more accurate, yet the homeless person rants at me and blames his life's woes on me, because socialists cannot imagine their ideology doing anything wrong. Can you believe this guy? He's blaming Capitalism for what Socialist politicians do with power they don't deserve, again, because self-reflection is impossible for Communists. It's as though Commies think Capitalism cannot function without the you-know-whos charging everyone too much rent, topping the lists of New York's worst Landlords, outsourcing jobs to cheaper workers from places where life is cheaper, and charging too much for medicine that would be cheaper if people were allowed to create competitive affordable private clinics and weren't forced to rely on the government's bloated overpriced inefficient ponzi scheme. And he thinks the problem is that there aren't enough socialist programs in the world paying people to live! People who, in a functional capitalist society, wouldn't find bearing modernity so unaffordable. This coward will tell you some of what is wrong with modernity, but he lacks the stones to say out loud who is responsible for it, or what ideology truly failed him."

Comment posted by CyberCommand deleted Oct 2nd, 2023

Doing good. The sites change but the days do not. Spend more of my time on Ponybooru these days.

Also I just realized we're on someone else's page. Sorry about that, Spark.

Pretty gued n stuff. You?

Indeed. Site's kind of slowed down and more of my attention is demanded elsewhere these days. How's it been?

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