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Update from AA: We're a bit dead at the moment, might change in the future.

We are a group dedicated to Roleplays associated with and taking place within the world created by kkat in her fanfiction, Fallout Equestria. We are the sister group to the Fallout Equestria Related Fics group.

As an new member would we love to see you write just an few words in the Presentation thread, we are all an friendly bunch that want to have an fun time with you, so don´t be afraid.

After that would we like you to add your character to the Character List, it is made so you don´t need to write all the details about your character each time you go into an new thread.

We do also have a google doc chat to free use of anyone that would want to hang out with us, be it either members or non members that just want to ask questions or what else, the link is here.

Don´t forget to have fun in the wasteland


We here at the fallout equestria roleplay group are a rather relaxed group of individuals, we like our pony with a side of apocalypse and a healthy sprinkle of long ass stories. But, as relaxed as we are, we need rules. Because there are some roleplaying rules of thumb you need to know.

1: DON'T TOUCH MY REMOTE- This rule states quite simply, Do not control another players character, it is rude to assume control of the thoughts and actions of another character/ player, it can not be stated enough, do not do it!

2: THE ROOF, THE ROOF, THE ROOF IS ON FIRE! - This rule states that no character may destroy a roleplay setting, unless it´s part of the play, or something the owner of the thread has given permission for. Example-

PONY X: I blow up the inn with an megaspell.

PONY X would have their comment removed, and may be kicked from the RP or be given other punishment.

3: ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY MURDER A PONY- you cannot murder a player in a single shot/comment, period. It does not matter how godly your character is, instagibbing a player is an no-no.

4: WALKING APOCALYPSE IS FOR CHUMPS- NO GOD ENDING PONIES! We do not care how long, and engaging your story is on how exactly your pony became creator of the universe, we recognize the divine power of the mighty magic roleplay wizard, Little Pip, and Baconlestia's sweet flank. You are not allowed to be any of these. If you fell a character is a "god ender" may you message a moderator and suggest them that they take a look at the character, if it is such a character there may be suggestions on how to fix it. If it is not fixed, can the character be deleted.

5: WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY...- There are limits to how things escalate, if pony A pulls a gun, and pony B calls in an air strike, have you broken this rule, and possibly all preceding rules. If a mod is needed to end an escalation, they may determine who "won" the argument. They may do so in character at their own discretion.

6: OH NO! A RANDOM CHARACTER YOU NEVER HEARD OF HAS JOINED YOUR ROLEPLAY! WHAT DO YOU DO?!- Check the character board, changes are it´s just an new OC. If not the mod team will look at it, don´t worry.

7: AN ELEMENT OF KINDNESS- LOVE AND TOLERATE, SIMPLE AS THAT. Don´t insult others because they made a mistake, treat others in the same way Fluttershy would treat you. And PM an admin if you feel that people don´t follow this rule.

8: ONE TIME AT BAND CAMP...- Threads may contain clop, you have been warned, threads with clop with be labelled with it.

9: COMPLIANCE CLAUSE- If you have been given a time frame by a mod to change something, get it done. Mods are busy people that would rather have fun with you than solve problems, and they may solve the problems in a way you don´t like. If a Mod says you have X amount of days to remove or change a thread,please respond in a timely manner. If you are uncertain to how to change it and need clarification to why or how it should be changed, PM the Mod then, they will explain it to you.

10: LABEL YOUR SHIT! (PROFANITY)- If you have a RP with excessive amounts of detailed blood, gore and/or other gratuitous content, label it as such. If a thread is not specifically labelled as such, assume all threads contain some natural scenes of Wasteland violence.

10a: FINISHED? BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I WANT TO JOIN YET!- Threads that have run their course and have reached a conclusion will be labelled "finished" and closed, to prevent eager RPers from joining games that have already been resolved.

11: THE META? I HEARD THOSE GUYS BROKE UP YEARS AGO! EVERYONE GOT ARRESTED!- NO META CONTENT. This means if you have knowledge of a character, plotline, setting, ect. through another source, you may not use it in context until your character discovers it. Some things are common knowledge, most events in fallout equestria (the fic) are common knowledge, the same can be said for the other prolific foe: side stories. Specific characters backs stories, tendencies, and plot points are not known to you unless the player or GM (respectively) ordain you have this knowledge.

12:IN MY HEAD CANNON...- Your head cannon is of little consequence unless the GM agrees on it. These roleplays for the most part exist outside the fics. Meaning if pony x, in side fic z shows up they have the knowledge they would normally have, that is to say though that these are not apart of any particular story for realzyz. If you want to reference the rp in your fic, or make a fanfiction version of an rp... Well that's another thing, right now what I'm saying is your character's personal timelines are best left out of threads. Keep it simple. Your pony is here for a purpose most likely presented in the opening of the thread. To claim your pony traveled alllll the way from Zebrafrica to the Atomic Badlands and back again in time for your plot is a little absurd.

13: IT WORKED FOR DUKE NUKEM!- One liners are fine in terms of dialogue, no one likes throwing an exploding pie into a mix of raiders and turning around as the explosion occurs to put on their cool guy sunglasses and say "You've been...Served", or "How does that cream taste" or even " I'm guilty of assault and battery with a deadly pastry" but, in terms of actual lines it is really obnoxious. If you get a reply and a notification, and you hurry your little butt down to thread X to continue the engaging PLOT-line of pony z it is kinda a let down to see;

pony Z grabs her flank and bites her tail.

"Yeah! How do you like that?!"
It is kinda a pain, it's difficult to follow and it's harder to reply to. If we were an AIM chat it might be different but as it stands we are (for the most part) writers. Show don't tell and what not. Please endeavour to make your post long enough to make dropping the work on chapter W of soon-to-be-featured-story Q worth while... We all have lives and the we all know it can sometimes be hard to type a paragraph but please make an attempt to make the roleplay worthwhile.

14: THREAD JACKERS FROM BEYOND THE STARS!!!- For those who aren't aware. Thread Jacking is when a person who is not the GM imposes their head cannon on a thread and in doing so causes the original design, setting, scenario, or spirit of the thread to suffer because of it. DO NOT DO THIS. It's frustrating for EVERYONE, for the Gm, for the other players, for the mods, for the readers, even for you the thread jacker, because you must face the wrath of a very angry East Coast, who will not tolerate head cannon shit in this forum. Even if the matter is resolved you will earn his ire and that is a very bad thing.

In short, keep your head cannon out of a thread unless specifically asked for it... Which is already a rule so if this happens because of that, you're in deep doo doox2.

15: CROSSOVERCEPTION!!- Okay guys. It's cool that we all play other games than fallout and stuff... But this is a FALLOUT EQUESTRIA group... Which is to say this is a group dedicated to a crossover of FALLOUT and MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC... So to bring in Dead Space, Bullet Storm, Halo, Mass Effect, Mario, Cooking Mama, anything like that. Anything that is NOT FALLOUT SHOULD BE KEPT OUT OF THE FORUM. This isn't the place for it. You want a dead space pony rp group? Cool! Go search for it! If it ain't there, feel free to make it! Just don't post it here.

16: YO DAWG, I HERD YA LIKE LINKS...- Keep videos and such out of the RP threads. If you must direct the flow of rp away for a silly thing or some fitting(or not so fitting) music, put it in a link instead. It's more concise and also helps if people don't want to see asari, ponies, or Imperial City guards in bikinis...

17: MY NAME IS JOHN EVERYMAN! I AM A PONY!- Ok, so ya see... We're a pony group, on a pony website, based around the universe inhabited by ponies... Ponies have naming conventions... Even in the wasteland, John Mcawesomesauce is not a pony name. We're not saying your -100 virtue pony has to be named Daylight Sprinkles, but seriously. Use common sense when naming your pony. No human names. Ponies don't have human names. A raider pony by the name of Flesh Grind may exist, or a ghoul by the name of ambient radiation. It could happen... But stick to the typical naming convention for ponies...

PS- This rule is not retroactive. Ponies with non-pony names are ok as long as they were created prior to 4/30/2013, 9:31AM, U.S Eastern time.

These are the 17 rules for now, they may change at an later point to better fit the group. Remember, rules unlike war are always susceptible to change.

And even with all these rules, don´t forget to have fun, it is what we are all in here for, even the mods of the group.

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Would Diamond Dogs be an allowed race?

Hey there, I am pretty new to this brony thing and even newer to Fallout Equestria (only finished it yesterday) I am super excited to read other fics just like it since I am a fan of violent ponies. Anyway what I am trying to say is nice to meet you all!

I hit a big green button! Things happened and now I'm here.

why does it say 1 story when theres nothing there? ? ? ...??

Can I ask a question? If I may I want to know about this group. I want to know they Leaders I guest I can call them but I want to know how this group function and works. Anyways how is everyone here I am Ice X3 yes I have many OCs so I am never the same in RPs on and please call me Ice if its out of chat talk that or Ice Hybrid X3

371299 Look in forums and you will see an official notice read it

Hey, anyone here alive? Cuz I'm looking a GM for an FoE RP.

Can I start roleplaying?


Glad to see you're in the group, sir or madame. I find your story very amusing and while I haven't found the time to get past anything more than the first couple chapters; I hope eventually read my way through it, beginning to end; so that I may try my hand at creating a follow-up story true to the original, whilst introducing some of my own ideas to the mix.

I like that you've written, so far; you're an inspiration to me as a writer and I hope to one day create something as inspirational and magnificent as what you've done.

Comment posted by BloomBloom deleted Dec 29th, 2013

Hi Everypony!

Just introducing myself to everyone :pinkiehappy:

A lone scarred and blind zebra walks across your path, just in time to hear the comment about something being dead. He scowls, turning his sightless eyes on you.

Dead you say about this place, surely you must jest.
I don't believe that anypony could stop this fest.
There are some that just needed a rest,
or just time to find their place in this mess.
A tricky system we have here,
but one we hold quite dear.
Now head up youngun, and continue on tall.
For we have not yet begun to fall.
Let us get some folks back aboard, and some more threads afloat.
I do believe it's time to rock the boat!

A purple glow appears around the aged zebra, to which he flies off spewing rhyming obscenities. A purple unicorn walks into view, shaking her head sadly. Her mane shimmers slightly as she waves a hoof in dismissal.

"Oh, just ignore him. Everyone does. Welcome to our version of your Equestrian Wastelands, 321468. We may not follow many rules here, but that doesn't mean we don't welcome folks."

:twilightsheepish: I really shouldn't have taken the summer away, shouldn't I guys? Things kinda fell apart when I wasn't here.

Hey Kkat, sad to see you join the group at a time like this where it is rather dead :twilightblush:

But hope that you will end up having some fun in here none the less :pinkiehappy:

Hello everypony and brony! :twilightsmile:


What?! Weelwee??! :rainbowkiss:

We are the second biggest RP group on this site dude. So what if we are bigger than a fic, we are almost the biggest for our subject.

Hey guys! Guess what? the My little dashy fanbase group has 65 members... We have 67! I know it's not a contest but... Ya know... It is to me:duck::trollestia:

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